Jason Momoa wears the classic orange suit in Aquaman trailer

Jason Momoa wears the classic orange suit in Aquaman trailer

He doesn't look too shabby... but then again it's Jason Momoa
06 Oct, 2018

Jason Momoa is learning about a whole new world and he takes a journey with us to Atlantis.

The extended trailer for his upcoming feature Aquaman is out and it shows us more about the plot of the film and what to expect.

We were very iffy about the first trailer as it just showed questionable CGI without any interesting plot. Now we have a story about a man who will take his rightful place as king. We just wish that this wasn't the persona chosen for Arthur Curry in the film. Aquaman, despite being one of the stronger and rougher DC characters, does have an air of royalty surrounding him, even in New 52.

Also, he wears the orange suit in the end. We were really hoping that look would be scrapped for good. But oh well, we're surprised Jason Momoa made it work.

What we did love was the screen-time Meera got in the film. The fans of the books will know her importance to Aquaman and how the two are one of the best superhero couples out there. It was only fair to give her the spotlight she deserves.

The Aquaman trailer does show us more of Black Manta and we're excited as not only is he one amazing character to bring on board the DC Universe, they got his suit right!

We're glad this trailer released because it did revive our interest in the film. We're still not sure we'll love it but we're staying positive.

Aquaman is set to release December 21.