Updated 01 Aug, 2018

Landing the cover of Vogue is a big deal.

So people were understandably a little confused when Suhana Khan, Shah Rukh Khan's daughter, was unveiled to be Vogue India's August cover star. Then again, not totally surprised. What's next, Taimur Ali Khan on the cover of GQ?

Sridevi's daughter Janhvi Kapoor also appeared on the cover of the publication recently and that too was a product of nepotism but at least, she's made her Bollywood debut (yep, you guessed it, also nepotism) and is an "upcoming" actress.

Khan, on the other hand, is currently studying in London; the 18-year-old will graduate from her private boarding school this year (you can't make this stuff up) and then go off to attend university so she has no body of work as an entertainer.

The debate on nepotism in Bollywood doesn't seem to be dying down any time soon and this incident was the latest to ignite it; Twitter ain't taking any prisoners today.

That being said, is this falling on deaf ears? SRK is the same guy who said that he has no opinion on nepotism: "I don't understand this discussion. When I hear the word 'nepotism', I feel the other person is talking about Napoleon. Even though I know enough English, still I don't understand it and the discussion. Whether I agree or disagree -- I don't even understand it so how can I have an opinion?"

And Vogue's really not helping their case...