We may love our fancy desserts but in this crazy heat we'll settle for a nice gelato.

Luckily for us, Amiamo, one of the new gelaterias in Karachi, prides itself in making sure we don't settle when we want a summer friendly sugar fix.

Located at Bukhari commercial, Amiamo's quaint little outlet boasts big flavours that we had to check out for ourselves.

The place has garnered enough popularity already, so much so that they have a kiosk at Lucky One Mall.

Amiamo is the dream project of Mariam Farrukh and Farrukh Iqbal who, after a trip to Europe, decided they wanted to bring gelato in its true form to Karachi because they failed to find authentic gelato in the city.

Marium Farrukh brings aunthentic gelatos to Karachi
Marium Farrukh brings aunthentic gelatos to Karachi

Amiamo has a variety of gelato flavours, many of which are major hits already. We tried a number of their goodies and we're glad we did. But from the lot that we tried, here are our favourite five.

1) Lotus

Move over Nutella, there's a new trend in town and it's everything Lotus. The biscuit has been all the rage for a while but while we couldn't get enough of it, we realised it's because there really is not enough of it; many places which offerLotus goodies sprinkle their dessert with a few Lotus crumbs and that isn't fun at all.

Amiamo won us over when we saw the beige gelato with all the Lotus blended in the ice cream and crumbs generously sprinkled on top. Finally! You can taste the Lotus in every bite just the way it should be. The gelato is creamy and full of texture, yet light at the same time.

2) Twix

The Twix gelato tastes exactly like the candy bar Twix but here's the catch: there is no actual Twix in the mix (that rhymed). When Mariam told us there's no Twix in the gelato all we could say was "You're lying."

Mariam revealed that they recreate every individual ingredient in the candy bar from the biscuit layer to the sticky caramel. And the result is a Twix gelato made from scratch but just as good if not better.

3) Salted caramel gelato and shake

We were really leaning towards this gelato but we were on the edge because of the times salted caramel desserts have let us down. Either they're waaay too sweet (read: not salted at all) or there is a barely any salted caramel flavour. Amiamo's salted caramel gelato, however, gave us a balance of the two and we were thoroughly impressed.

Their salted caramel gelato was so good that we had to try the shake of the same flavour, Mariam said that all they do is blend three scoops of the ice cream. No wonder it was heavy! The shake is smooth, thick and massive - it's the solution for a dangerous sweet tooth craving.

4) Lemon and mint sorbet and cooler

Amiamo's sorbets are light, refreshing and perfect for the sweltering afternoon and their lemon and mint sorbet is no different. The flavours resemble a shikanjabeen and while that's a good thing in itself, the sorbet has a smooth consistency which we loved.

Like the salted caramel shake, the lemon and mint sorbet is also available in blended form and because of its icy slushee texture and sour notes, it felt far superior than your average mint lemonade.

5) Red velvet waffle

Okay, we know we were talking about gelatos but hear us out. The waffle comes with a vanilla gelato and it's really good!

Waffles had been trending for a while here and many places introduced the red velvet waffle but we aren't exaggerating when we say Amiamo has some of the best waffles around! Their red velvet is soft with a thin layer of crisp on top, fluffy and blazing red. Just the way we like our waffles.

We've tried a number of red velvet waffles in the city and they either lose their original texture or aren't even red. Amiamo balances their waffle out and has a light cream cheese frosting inspired topping that compliments the dessert as a whole.