A decade after its inception, Coke Studio has gone on to become Pakistan’s biggest music platform, and has provided music and entertainment to millions around the world.

The platform is now set to reach its next milestone with the introduction of a new segment titled 'Coke Studio Explorer'.

Explorer takes viewers on a musical journey across Pakistan, as the Coke Studio producers - Zohaib Kazi and Ali Hamza – travel in search of new artists, unique sounds and unheard stories. In doing so, they create a musical experience like never before.

Coke Studio Explorer represents the people of Pakistan, their stories and their resilience. Bringing together traditional and urban sounds, it equips new artists from across Pakistan with the tools needed to make themselves heard, and sparks a much-needed conversation on the importance of cultural appreciation and diversity.

The producers traveled across the country with their laptops and mobile recording systems in an effort to capture the essence of music and its meaning across the country. They recorded each artist in their own space where they felt comfortable. The programme hopes to discover, archive and narrate these songs and stories in an urbanised soundscape.

Coke Studio Explorer will be aired in July before Coke Studio Season 11 kicks off.

Here is a sneak-peek of the artists who will be featured on the platform:

Shamu Bai and Vishnu from Sindh

The sister-brother duo of Shamu Bai and Vishnu are classically trained singers and have an earthy tone of delivery, which moves the listener.

Ariana and Amrina from the Kalash Valley

Hailing from the snow-capped Bamuret Valley, Ariana and Amrina represent the small ethnic community of 4,000 Kalasha people. Their uplifting way of singing leaves the listener mesmerised.

Mangal, Shayan and Darehan from Balochistan

The trio from Balochistan portrays the distinctive skill of ‘Nar Sur’ or throat singing, which can be traced back to the nomads in Central Asia and Eastern Europe.

Mishal Khwaja from Lahore

Born in Pakistan and raised in Toronto, Mishal Khwaja is already an Instagram star, thanks to her unique songwriting and performing skills.

Qasamir from Muzaffarabad

This group is famous for their soft vocals and distinct sound. The vocalist Mir has a career spanning over four decades, has been associated with Radio Pakistan, and has performed across the country.

The biggest music platform of the country is on its way to redefine music in Pakistan, as it uncovers hidden talent from across the country. In 2018, Coke Studio celebrates cultural diversity, staying true to its promise of being the true sound of the nation.

All photos by Insiya Syed.

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