Is Salman Khan's life in danger?

Published Jun 13, 2018 04:49pm

Salman Khan's security just got beefed up after a planned attempt on his life was discovered.

Times of India reports that the Mumbai police was alerted about Khan's life being in jeopardy by the Special Task Force (STF) of Haryana Police.

According to TOI, sharpshooter Sampat Nehra had been keeping tabs on the Dabangg actor and was planning a attack for the past few months. After being caught and arrested, he revealed that gangster Lawrence Bishnoi of Rajasthan is the primary force behind the threat to the actor due to his alleged involvement in the black buck case.

While the sharp shooter has been caught, many allies of the criminal are at large. Khan, who is currently busy with promotions of his upcoming movie Race 3, has been given personal body guards while security around him has been amped up as well, with armed officers situated around his home and sets.

Salman Khan has not issued a statement regarding the matter as of yet.