A Lahore court just declared that Meera has been married all along

Updated 28 May, 2018 04:23pm

...and not to Captain Naveed!

The fake marriage court case involving film star Meera has finally come to a close nine years after its filing, with the family court in Lahore ruling in the favour of Attique-ur-Rehman, the businessman who claimed to be her husband.

According to the court ruling, Meera's case against Rehman for forging their marriage certificate has been scrapped as the nikkahnama produced by Rehman has been found original and valid.

Family court judge Babar Nadeem, who presided over this case, heard the testimony of nikkahkhwan Ahmed Ali Sajid who reiterated that the nikkahnama presented in the court is valid and that he solemnised Meera's marriage with Attique-ur-Rehman in the presence of witnesses.

The court's decision means that Meera is still legally Rehman's wife, which calls into question the legality of her alleged marriage to Captain Naveed whom she called her husband after a scandal erupted over the existence of a 'controversial video clip' featuring Meera and him.

Rehman filed a case against Meera for marrying Captain Naveed without dissolution of her marriage to him.

However, Meera's legal counsel has maintained that Rehman is blackmailing her through a fake and forged marriage certificate and termed the whole exercise a campaign to malign the actor. She filed a case against Rehman for forging their marriage certificate in 2009.

Interestingly, in an interview last year, Meera claimed that she has never been married before and was about to take the plunge. We can barely keep up with her!