Ali Kazmi is playing a mechanic in upcoming movie, Na Band Na Barati

Published 24 May, 2018 01:10pm

Irfan Ul Haq

The actor will be starring alongside Mikaal Zulfiqaar in this comedy flick

The actor will be starring alongside Mikaal Zulfiqaar in this comedy flick
The actor will be starring alongside Mikaal Zulfiqaar in this comedy flick

Its been over 2 months since we got the teaser for Mikaal Zulfiqaar and Ali Kazmi's latest project.

The two will be starring together in a desi comedy titled Na Band Na Barati.

The film was previously known as Na Baja Na Barati.

While Mikaal had described the film as "a story of two brothers always getting into trouble," Ali Kazmi gave us a few more deets.

Speaking to Images, Kazmi revealed that the movie "is a crazy comedy of errors, about love marriage and all the ups and downs along the way."

"It’s got romance, action and great music to go along with lots of laughs and fun along the way. [Na Band Na Barati] is a complete family entertainer from start to finish and after you watch it, you will leave the cinema with a smile on your face," said the Baaghi actor.

About his character, Kazmi said, "I play Abdul, the machinist (aka mechanic). It's one of the funniest and zaniest I have ever played. He is sort of the antagonist of the film."

Na Band Na Barati is directed by Mehmood Akhter, a veteran TV, theatre and film actor. Kazmi revealed that Akhter " had some heart trouble and had to go to hospital after we shot more than half of the film, so we all pitched in and wrote and directed scenes together."

He added, "It’s a true team effort and we stuck it out through many ups and downs and at the end of the day that’s the magic of film. It’s the unity, focus and love for film of the entire team that brings the end product to the viewer."

The film includes Qavi Khan, Atiqa Odho, Azra Mohyeddin and Mehmood Akhtar in the cast along with actors based outside of Pakistan like Shahyan Khan (USA), Nayab Khan (Canada) and Nzhelika (Ukraine).

According to Kazmi, "The experience was intense, grueling and amazing at the same time. Blood sweat and tears go into making a film and I have immense respect for the entire process from start to finish."

While Kazmi is busy with Na Band Na Barati, he is working on a few other projects. The actor revealed his future plans saying, "I am working on 2 new films, and hopefully 2 new dramas... I'm also working on some new things for the Hollywood market as always."

Na Band Na Barati was shot in Toronto and will release on June 29.