A buffet to desis is like food at a shaadi (except it's not free)
A buffet to desis is like food at a shaadi (except it's not free)

Ramazan calls for food discounts, deals, buffets, all-you-can-eat and everything you can possible imagine to expand that waistline and immerse yourself in gluttony.

Yep. You know who you are.

We're not new to the club, nor are you, we have all witnessed what happens during buffets in Ramazan and it's not a pretty sight. Here's why we think it's a bad idea to host buffets during the holy month.

1. The rush will give you anxiety

Errybody wants to be the first to get to the restaurant, the first to open the fast, the first to grab every food item on display and the first to grab seconds. In all this madness there is only panic as people bump, elbow and go Lion-King-stampede on each other.

You're better off ordering samosas, jalebis and chaat at home and eating a meal like normal folks without going Mufasa on anyone.

2. Once the fast breaks it's a full-on assault

It's like going to war with your fellow Muslim brothers... oh wait, it is actually a food war. Who can get access to the most food and fast! That's the first and foremost concern. Kids? You can forget about them, it's every man for himself.

3. People get handsy with the chafing dish

You've seen it happen and it's a gross sight. People will use their hands if necessary to grab food, they don't care if there are forks, spoons, knives or a forklift in sight, they will use their hands and by God if you stop them, be prepared to dig your own grave.

4. It's a foodie's worst nightmare

During Ramazan, buffet food is usually cooked beforehand to accommodate a large group of hungry people, and most of the time the food is either not fresh or undercooked and sometimes even overcooked. It really kills the appetite when you open your fast to food that is cold or not cooked properly.

5. The bill will make you cry

Have you ever eaten everything you've towered on your plate and more? For most of you our guess is no.

Spending a good amount of money on food when you can hardly eat everything they have on the menu (we know you've probably tried and failed) or even managing to eat a good amount is usually a waste of your money and honestly, the food too...

which brings us to our next point.

6. You can't handle the food

A buffet to desis is like food at a shaadi (except it's not free). Plates are loaded with every edible item on the menu that manages to fit on the plate without toppling over. End result? More than half goes to waste because if you don't like a food item you'll leave it or you'll decide you want to save room for the other items you haven't yet tried and leave your plate half way.

Rule of thumb: Do not overestimate your hunger on an empty stomach