Anwar Maqsood apologises for racist skit on his web-series

Anwar Maqsood apologises for racist skit on his web-series

In the new video, the writer apologises and explains that he himself is Sindhi and meant no offense
23 Apr, 2018

Veteran writer Anwar Maqsood has drawn criticism for his "racist" characterisation of Sindhi people in a recent episode of his web-series Anwarnama.

In Anwarnama, the writer shares a "collection of letters, writings, stories and his experiences pertaining to themes of society, culture, politics and personalities in an intimate setting"; in his latest skit (now deleted from his official page), he carried out an 'interview' of a Sindhi man, who shared that he did nothing for a living and took multiple bank loans and avoided them by faking his death.

Maqsood portrayed the Sindhi character as lazy and dishonest and let's just say, some people were not happy about the generalisations he made.

The video received backlash on social media from many, including notable Sindhi entertainers such as Ali Gul Pir and Mooroo.

However, the humourist has since apologised in a new video, claiming he himself is Sindhi and that he hasn't left since he first came here in 1948.

Good on him for taking responsibility for his mistakes and asking for forgiveness. And hey, Ali Gul Pir feels the same!