Rock band Call decided to something new this 23rd March.

The band worked on anthem that just might be the new Pakistan Day track, but that's not all.

Call got together 40 drummers from all around Pakistan to join in their 'chant' titled 'Zindabad' and yes it's as awesome as you think it is.

With veteran drummers like Gumby and rising stars like Daud Ramay all in the mix you can definitely feel the beat of the drums. Call even got a number of female drummers like Mishal Faheem in the roster. Go Call!

The track, launched on Patari, is full of energy and you can't help but nod along. Seriously, someone get this track outta our heads!

Call had recently made headlines with their track for the PSL team Peshawari Zalmis but it looks like they have made their mark yet again with 'Zindabad'.