Karachi steakhouse Copacabana closes down after fire incident

Published 03 Mar, 2018 04:37pm

Images Staff

Restaurant partner Alee Asghar says that they plan to renovate as soon as possible

Karachi-based steakhouse Copacabana is temporarily closing down after a kitchen fire severely damaged its premises.

— Photos courtesy Copacabana PR
— Photos courtesy Copacabana PR

Restaurant partner Alee Asghar revealed to Images that the fire began in the Copacabana kitchen at around 11am-12pm and soon spread to other parts of the restaurant. With its interiors severely affected by the fire, the restaurant is closed for operations until further notice.

The owners broke the news to their patrons on Facebook and assured them that the restaurant will reopen soon.

— Photos courtesy Copacabana PR
— Photos courtesy Copacabana PR

Asghar added that no staff was injured in the fire and they plan to begin renovating as soon as possible. He said they expect to reopen the restaurant in up to two weeks' time.

Located on Khayaban-e-Shahbaz commercial area of DHA, Copacabana launched in September last year and was marketedas a Brazilian-style steakhouse.