Nawaz Sharif admirers express love through lion cakes on the ex-PM's 68th birthday

Published 26 Dec, 2017 01:52pm

Images Staff

We spotted Simba, a tiger and a sphinx in the series of cakes presented to Nawaz Sharif yesterday

Is that you, Simba?

For his 68th birthday yesterday, Pakistan's ex-Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was flooded with decorated cakes bearing lions — a nod to his party PML-N's election symbol.

There was this Simba-themed chocolate cake...

A tiger also made it into the mix...

...and then someone brought him this majestic sphinx edition!

(He knew his is the best. Just look at him grin.)

That wasn't all. There was lots more cake sent to please the party chief!

Nawaz Sharif wasn't in short supply of flower bouquets either.

And some of the bouquet designs were pretty crazy...

Fountain? Atomic ash cloud? What inspired this flower err.. tree?

ICS? ILU? Pretty sure this floral arrangement is meant to spell something...

Like any savvy offspring, Maryam Nawaz made sure to document all the lurve her father received on Twitter.

Fun fact: December 25 is an eventful day on the calendar — and more so in the Sharif household. Not only is it Nawaz Sharif's birthday, but also is the wedding anniversary of his daughter Maryam Nawaz Sharif and son-in-law Capt. Safdar as well as the wedding anniversary of their daughter. Woot!

It's safe to say that there's enough cake and flowers in the Sharif household to celebrate all those occasions!