Let's face it, politicians will look for any opportunity to gloat about their (minimal) achievements, especially Pakistani politicians - they thrive on it!

Of course, they want to prove the awaam's vote right; that their party is not playing dirty politics and sweeping things under the rug... rather making sure everything is squeaky clean, literally.

Maryam Nawaz, daughter of former prime minister Nawaz Sharif, of the PML-N party is one such example. She tweeted pictures of a public park in Lahore, Monday night, which read: "NA-120: A glimpse of a public park before & after!"

Take your time, it took us a while to spot the difference too.

Ironically, the public park is still barren without grass and trees. But hey! At least it's clean, right? Unfortunately for the PML-N, people aren't buying it.

PTI followers were quick to give Maryam Nawaz a lesson on the difference in before and after photos

What we're ALL thinking

He got it!

These people call a spade a spade

One caught her act

Or maybe she just wanted to give people a good laugh

Is it too late to apologise?

We're pretty sure Maryam was trolling us and we almost fell for it. Well played.