It's not just Hollywood that has been shaken to the core by Harvey Weinstein's case but entertainment industries everywhere.

Bollywood is no different, with actors like Irrfan Khan and Richa Chahda becoming more and more vocal about the sexist culture that is deeply rooted in the film fraternity.

According to Indian Express, Vidya Balan also spoke against sexual harassment during promotions of her upcoming film, Tumhari Sulu.

The actor shared that it's a positive thing that so many are opening up about their experiences, encouraging others to open up and also reminding many that this is never okay and perpetrators should be called out.

Vidya stated, "I think people who have suffered this only know exactly what it feels like when you’re really in an uncomfortable situation. When someone just rubs or touches you with his hand, sometimes I get really angry. So I think in that sense, there are a lot of degrees in sexual harassment."

“I'm very glad that people are talking about it now. Women are talking about it and they should talk about it because it is not their fault. We should name and shame those who are sexually harassing others, undoubtedly,” she added.

The actor will be seen next in Tumhari Sulu, for which a teaser, trailer and song is already out and is getting positive responses.

"There's a lot of excitement for the film because we got a fabulous response for the teaser and then we got an even better response for the trailer. And now you watch the film, which is even better. We’re excited and promoting the film like anything and still, we are not tired at all."