Kumail Nanjiani is on a roll!

After his successful film The Big Sick, Nanjiani has made himself known in Hollywood. Just this week we got word that the actor-comedian will be hosting Saturday Night Live in October. But is that enough? No, it is not.

Deadline broke the news that CinemaCon's comedy star of the year is now gearing up for a buddy cop comedy film that has been acquired by Universal.

Nanjiani will be starring alongside WWE wrestler and actor John Cena.

Could this be the next Lethal Weapon? Will there be a fun catchphrase that will stay with us for a long time? Should we already expect sequels and spin-offs? We really don't see much wrong with that!

The yet to be titled project will be helmed by Zombieland director Ruben Fleischer. Fleischer is already on board with directing Venom, a Supervillain movie featuring Tom Hardy.

John Cena and Fleishcer have already collaborated before on HBO mockumentary Tour De Pharmacy.

Kumail Nanjiani is definitely slaying 2017 and while no plot has been revealed, we can tell from the team that this will be a film to watch out for.