Kit Harington and Rose Leslie are engaged and Twitter has zero chill

Published 27 Sep, 2017 08:28pm

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Jon Snow finally bends the knee!

Jon and Ygritte forever, and ever
Jon and Ygritte forever, and ever

Brace yourselves, a wedding is coming!

Kit Harington and his former Game of Thrones on-screen romantic partner, Rose Leslie, are engaged.

A formal notice published in the Times of London newspaper Wednesday announced the upcoming marriage of “Mr K.C. Harington and Miss R.E. Leslie.”

It describes the couple as “Kit, younger son of David and Deborah Harington of Worcestershire, and Rose, middle daughter of Sebastian and Candy Leslie of Aberdeenshire.” Doesn't that give you Game of Thrones vibes? Or has the show completely taken over our lives? Don't answer that...

Jon and Ygritte forever!
Jon and Ygritte forever!

Harington and Leslie met on the sets of Game of Thrones in which they played each other's romantic interests. The show may be known for its forecasting but it definitely knocked it outta the park with this one.

Game of Thrones fans had a strong case of the feels as they took to Twitter to express their joy... and pain...

Jon and Ygritte forever

We see what you did there!

Jon Snow knows nothing... but love

Couple goals

Time to celebrate!

Or maybe not...

So many hearts broken

So... so many hearts

We're not crying you are

** Devdas mode on**

We all felt the initial burn

No Lannisters either!