Photography: Umair bin Nisar | Hair, make-up & styling: Umayr Waqar | Co-ordination: Madeeha Syed
Photography: Umair bin Nisar | Hair, make-up & styling: Umayr Waqar | Co-ordination: Madeeha Syed

Every so often a picture pops up that throws us desi celebrity fans into a tizzy.

Like the pictures of Mahira Khan hanging out with Ranbir Kapoor that have been circulating since last night.

Being a passionate people, it's only natural that desi celebrity fans feel we have a right to pass judgement on every aspect of our celebrity crush's life — especially their most shocking moments.

So here's a handy list of celebrity shockers to check out any time we feel a case of the judgeys coming on.

You're welcome!

1) That time Ayesha Omar was spotted having thoughts

It isn't just that she's sitting unattended in a cafe. ALONE. It's that she seems to be forming opinions. Gasp!

2) That time Ahsan Khan was a friend to dogs

The man is clearly helping these dirty canines with their daily exercise. Totally unexpected. Shocking behaviour.

3) That time Osman Khalid Butt was caught exposing himself

Lewdness of this nature is not permitted in our society. Collarbones are a no-no.

4) That time Anoushey Ashraf grabbed an ass

We never expected this from our fave girl next door.

5) That time Momina Mustehsan was spotted driving a vehicle

This is just not ok. We can get behind driverless cars. But we can't get behind women drivers.

6) That time Urwa and Mehwish were spotted laughing at a joke

It's unbecoming of women to guffaw so shamelessly in public. And they're laughing at a male joke? Urwa says they do it all the time! Tch tch.

7) That time when Sadaf Kanwal was seen in possession of a phone

Totally shady behaviour. There's no need for ladies to own phones.

8) That time when Sanam Saeed was seen practising winking in her car

Aik tou, what reason does she have to be in a car and not her house? And secondly, she's openly using her travel time to practice lewd things like winking. Tobah.

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