UK nominates British-Pakistani Sarmad Masud's 'My Pure Land' for Oscar

UK nominates British-Pakistani Sarmad Masud's 'My Pure Land' for Oscar

My Pure Land's submission marks the first time Britain chose an Urdu-language film to vie for the prestigious award
Updated 14 Sep, 2017

An up-and-coming director from the UK, Sarmad Masud’s debut film My Pure Land has been chosen as Britain's submission to vie for the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film.

The movie is based on the true story of Nazo Dharejo, who along with her two daughters fought off a militia with 200 bandits to defend their land. My Pure Land's submission at the Oscars marks the first time Britain chose an Urdu feature film to vie for the prestigious award.

Shot in Pakistan, the movie’s production company, Bill Kenwright Films, said that the crew had to negotiate their way through heavily armed civilian regions.

Earlier, in an interview with Images, Masud said it was crucial for him to shoot the film in Pakistan as he wanted Pakistanis to feel proud of it.

"I hope it finds an audience in Pakistan who are prepared to be entertained, to find it engaging and an interesting film, which it is," the director said.

The production banner described the film as "a violent contemporary Western but grounded in realism and crucially with a feminist theme."

"But there's so much more to it," Masud added. The film will be out in UK cinemas on September 15.

The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences will announce the nominees for best foreign-language film on January 23, 2018. The 90th Oscars ceremony takes place March 4, 2018.


n khan Sep 14, 2017 10:16pm
Thank you for writing about UK Pakistani, great achievement, nominated for Oscar! because he is a Pakistani heritage, is moment of praise for Pakistani every where. question is why the TV media do not cover this type of the stories, we should own all the Pakistani ,every where, because they do love Pakistan!
Asif A Shah Sep 14, 2017 10:21pm
Given the proper environment Pakistani people can compete in any field. Congratulations!
Samab Ahmad Sep 14, 2017 10:32pm
Wish you best of kuch good that you are portraying your ancestors heritage.
prefer Honesty Sep 14, 2017 10:39pm
Frank Sep 14, 2017 10:53pm
The time belongs to Pakistan. The world can't help but take notice. Kudos guys!
Alba Sep 14, 2017 10:55pm
Foreign films are not going to be in English so it does not matter about the language at a foreign film festival. The best films are selected no matter what the language.
Eddie Sep 14, 2017 11:06pm
Another widely used recipe, infuse "girl power" theme into a project and gain brownie points for your sub par work
CRACK Sep 15, 2017 12:03am
looks much better than MAALIK
Hasan Sep 15, 2017 12:04am
In the meantime, a Pakistani author has been shortlisted for the Man Booker prize. Pakistan has taken the hit from years of domestic and foreign terrorism, and even now the arts are flourishing. Is there anything that can stop this country? Hasan
Kamran Sep 15, 2017 12:10am
Hats off to the director to bring one of many unheard true stories of this amazing country Pakistan. Hope it shows an unbiased picture of the country.
Khaleesi Sep 15, 2017 02:24am
Proud of you! Pakistan Zindabad. Please release the film in Pakistan as well
Shahid Sep 15, 2017 04:02am
It is an honor, proud of you Mr. Sarmad.
Just asking Sep 15, 2017 06:10am
Did Pakistan really needed this at the time when country is staged as lawless ? But nevertheless it's good for people who are suffering.
Jalaluddin S. Hussain Sep 15, 2017 07:18am
As a Pakistani-Canadian I plan to view the film My Pure Land when it is screened in Montreal. Thanks Images-dawn for the information.
Syed Ahmed Sep 15, 2017 07:32am
Greatly Impressed. Britain has come along way since the days of Macaulay. The stiff upper lip may still be there in certain quarters of Whitehall but what with Curry being one of the most popular dishes, and Bollywood having moved out of Southall into mainstream, I think it just follows that a British-Pakistani's debut film, an Urdu-language movie shot in Pakistan is Britain's official entry for the Oscars in the foreign language film awards. Proud of being a Pakistani.
Siva D Sep 15, 2017 09:08am
Excellent, Congratulations to the team!
aamer Sep 15, 2017 11:43am
Great News. Worth watching.
ali Sep 19, 2017 12:09am