Mahira Khan's first look from Shoaib Mansoor's Verna is out now

Updated 01 Sep, 2017 05:13pm

Images Staff

I wanted to be the one to say the lines Shoaib Mansoor had written, says Mahira of signing on as the film's protagonist

We were disappointed when Mahira Khan's next film — i.e., Shoaib Mansoor's Verna — didn't come out on Eid ul Fitr as was earlier announced, but at least we've now got this first look!

The poster centres on Mahira Khan, establishing that the film is indeed based on a female protagonist. She is a woman injured but stares back at the camera defiant. According to reports, Mahira plays a rape survivor who seeks justice against her assaulters.

In a Q&A session on Twitter, Mahira revealed that she signed on to the role because she "[wanted] to be the one to say the lines Shoaib Mansoor had written!"

Mahira made her film debut in Mansoor's Bol, so this is the second time she's worked with him. How was the experience this time around, a fan asked her. "Different from the last time! He lets you do your own thing, he's my first teacher."

Her hope for Verna is that it "resonate[s] with everyone who watches it. I want it to live forever and ever."

Verna is confirmed for release in November this year. The film also stars Haroon Shahid, Zarrar Khan, Naimal Khawar and Rasheed Naz in main roles.