Internet sensation Zaid Ali T shattered many dreams last week when he announced he got married to the love of his life.

However, as soon as he posted images of the happy union, hate started spewing in the comment sections under his posts. Commentators left particularly nasty remarks about his wife Yumna's looks.

But Zaid made sure he wasn't going to have any of it. In one post, he addressed the hater and told him to think about his own appearance.

Soon after, Zaid adopted a rather serious tone, basically telling the haters to get a life:

On a similar note, Zaid said in a tweet that he's the luckiest man to be married to Yumna even though people think she's the lucky one.

Although little is known about Yumna, in an interview with Images last year, Zaid told us said that his parents had no problem with him marrying the girl of his choice. "My parents have told me I can marry whoever I want. I want to marry someone who's not related to the media and entertainment industry," he had said.