When was the last time your food order got delivered late?

We have all felt those angry feels when your hunger pangs are raging and there is no sign of food on your doorstep.

So when Karachiite Omar Abedin moved into a new house, he was counting on foodpanda to deliver him some piping hot food to make up for the lack of a functioning kitchen. He placed an order and when after 2 hours of wait his order still didn't arrive, he did this:

He also decided to contact foodpanda’s Director Operations personally on Linkedin:

Asim responded by call. Omar’s first words were:

‘I understand that such things happen but this one thing shouldn’t have happened.’

Omar explained while operational blunders do happen, this one left his family more than just hungry. They had just moved to Pakistan and were quite skeptical about living here. Omar was trying hard to convince them that things are not as bad here as stereotyped but this experience just ruined it and all the blame was dumped over Pakistan.

Realizing the fact that foodpanda owns the online food delivery in Pakistan and is the custodian of customer service in this arena, the foodpanda team immediately decided to make up for this mess by going an extra mile to make Omar and his kids smile.

It was a usual day at Starcom’s office when a life-sized panda walked into the premises leaving the entire staff awestricken. Asim, a few of his team members and the panda itself showed up with a lovely cake and a sorry note. And to this, Omar’s immediate reaction was:

‘This is the weirdest thing that has happened to me all day!’

An important fact here is how a service provider can alter people’s perception about the country and even set a standard in customer service. foodpanda, in pursuit of providing world class experience to its customers, managed to give this unusual complaint a one-off make up.

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