7 questions with Hussain Rehar, possibly the hottest upcoming designer on the block

7 questions with Hussain Rehar, possibly the hottest upcoming designer on the block

We want his entire Vivid Delusion collection in our closets!
26 Aug, 2017

Usually when we get photos from PR peeps on Whatsapp, it's usually the same old stuff (sorry guys!), that is lots and lots of lawn ads.

But when we started receiving pictures of Hussain Rehar's upcoming collection, we were intrigued. Crisp lines, minimal aesthetic, colours that popped — we wanted to wear his outfits on vacation and on Eid and if you've seen his designs floating around on social, you know what we mean by that!

So we reached out to the upcoming designer to find out where he came from, what it's store and where he's going.

1) Tell us a little bit about your background. How did you get started in the industry?

I belong from Gujranwala but came to Lahore for my bachelor’s degree in fashion and design from Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design. I always had an eye for fashion, due to which, after my degree, I started working at Elan, for Sapphire and Elan’s menswear.

A year later I decided to venture out into my own brand which could reflect my personal aesthetic as I have a distinct design philosophy and vision for my line.

2) What/who do you draw inspiration from? Who are some local designers that you admire?

Our constant source of inspiration is nature with a bit of its wild side. We try to create fantasies of our own which reflect the imagination and its fascinations. After the theme is finalized we get down to the mood boards from where the designs are derived and then produced.

The local designers whose work I admire are Khadijah Shah and Muse.

3) What are some of your personal favorite pieces from your upcoming collection?

Our aquamarine jacket and fallen leaves are the two pieces that I admire the most.

4) Describe the Hussain Rehar aesthetic/label in a few words. What makes it unique?

Our aesthetic is very contemporary and modern apart from what the designers’ lot here is producing.

Pieces from the Athleisure collection
Pieces from the Athleisure collection

It's chic and trendy, something that any modern day woman would want to wear and look powerful, strong and empowered in.

5) What do you think are the current/future trends in fashion, as well as the ‘it’ color for the season?

Oversized long shirts and flared pants. Green is the ‘it’ color for this season and we have a few pieces in this color too.

6) What is the kind of audience do you have in mind when you're designing your clothes?

Our brand philosophy is to create something new and distinctive in its own nature, set new trends and provide to the fashion market what is needed. Our collection is for powerful strong women who like to be in control.

7) Walk us through your design process step by step. How does the idea in your head become reality?

We start off with trend research first then we take look for an inspiration. After that comes the mood boards from which we derive our silhouettes and sampling which then go into production.


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