Updated Aug 10, 2017 04:47pm

Chain Aye Na's latest song features everything Pakistan hates. Maybe that's why we like it

Brace yourselves, there's a whole lot of provocative dancing going on...and a lot of chest hair
Brace yourselves, there's a whole lot of provocative dancing going on...and a lot of chest hair

Syed Noor was adamant that there's no vulgarity in Chain Aye Na. Adil Murad reiterated the same. Shahroz Sabzwari said it was going to be a good watch, "smooth and saaf suthri."

If you remember all these statements, we won't blame you for if watching Chain Aye Na's latest "amazing item song" confuses you.

One thing's for sure: Syed Noor definitely didn't mislead us when he said Chain Aye Na is like 90's cinema,

BUT here's an alternative theory: Maybe this is part of Syed Noor's genius master plan to show Pakistan a mirror by using his films to feature all that stuff we just love to hate, like:

1) Partial nudity

As a nation, we never miss an opportunity to shame a little bit of cleavage. Maybe that's why Adil Murad showed off so much?

2) Provocative dancing

An answer to everyone who is morally outraged by item numbers.

3) Women who know what they want and aren't afraid to ask for it

Girl, let him know if you're digging that chest hair!

4) Household pets

When you finally move out of mom's house and bae lets you fulfill your lifelong dream of keeping a pet.

5) Sleeveless clothes

Maybe Syed Noor's the feminist filmmaker we've all been waiting for; Adil Murad's showing off his calves so Sobia Khan can flaunt her arms!

Can't blame her for dressing for the occasion, things seem to be really heating up...

6) Intoxicating substances

Awkward moment when you flaunt the liquor bottles and can no longer pretend it's apple juice.

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