Haroon pulled out all the stops for his latest music video.

The singer worked with Javed Bashir, Muniba Mazari, Farhan Bogra and musicians to cover the classic 'Dil Say' and not only is it worth a listen, the video is a must-watch.

"With this music video we aim to bring forth all the good that our country has to offer and we want to inspire and motivate the youth. I am incredibly honoured to work with all the other artists in this song, without them this would not have been possible," Haroon said about his latest offering.

Honestly, we're smitten by the music video, and we know you will be too.

Here are 7 reasons why the music will make you smile, and the video might just get you teary-eyed.

1) A cover done right

Haroon redoes his own track 'Dil Say' and it's the same you know and love but with added passion and energy... We wouldn't have thought it possible!

The singer has incorporated more classical instruments like the tabla and rubab, making this cover more upbeat than the original ─ which is great, but more on the sentimental side.

The music is catchy, light and very, very nostalgic, but in a good way. The song took us back to our childhood, when it first came out.

2) Including an APS survivor

The video shows a boy in green asking people to look through the 'Hero Box' so people can see achievements Pakistanis have made over the last 70 years.

The boy is Aakif Aleem, an APS Peshawar survivor.

The importance of including him is that it shows our country's resilience, no matter what comes our way, we overcome it. And though we will not forget the tragedy that took place that fateful day, we will fight for a better future for our youth, against all odds.

We loved seeing the bright smile on his face, cheering others on to look inside the Hero Box.

3) It felt patriotic

The music and video of 'Dil Say Pakistan' is exactly what we like to imagine when we think of our country, (and Independence Day, for that matter).

It gave us the feels. The song, the video, everything came together and it was a bout of nostalgia and patriotism.

4) Muniba Mazari wows us with her amazing vocals!

It's not like we haven't heard her sing before, she crooned with Hamza Ali Abbasi for a jam session, but this video is proof of her vocal prowess.

And it should be noted that featuring her in the music video was a good move as Muniba is the national ambassador for UN Women and is also one of the two Pakistani women in BBC's list of 100 most inspirational women.

And we cannot get over her voice. Her vocals are the perfect addition to the song.

5) Showcasing the best of Pakistan

This video is a breath of fresh air. Unlike its original music video which showed snippets of Partition and people uniting with their families, this new version, instead shows how far we have come; our achievements and accomplishments.

Enter: The Hero Box, which features Pakistanis who have broken barriers and made our country proud. From heroes like Edhi to beautiful sites like the Badshahi Mosque, to historical moments like Pakistan's Champion's Trophy win, this is the best throwback you could ask for.

6) Representing Pakistan's diversity

The large audience isn't just a crowd of people, there is something unique about this audience.

What's unique is that each individual highlights the diversity of Pakistan, showing people of different ethnicities and age groups uniting everyone under one roof.

7) No unnecessary glamour

We're honestly tired of everything being so 'larger than life' with crazy effects and lights and techno sounds, and this video presented something different, a feel-good aspect.

There's a basic festival-like setup; a simple stage, free of pyrotechnics, surrounded by happy people, all singing their hearts out, waving the Pakistani flag.

Haroon has definitely won us over with this track and video. We think others could learn a thing or two from it, because this definitely has us feeling patriotic.