At the just-held IIFA Awards this year, Karan Johar, Varan Dhawan and Saif Ali Khan took digs at fellow actor Kangana Ranaut for criticising KJo for his nepotism.

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While he says he's privately apologised to Kangana in case he offended her, Saif's been sharing some baffling theories about the inner workings of Bollywood: he's insisted in an initial interview that the industry isn't plagued by nepotism, instead he believes that "maybe there is something in the genes that makes many of Raj Kapoor’s descendants actors or Pataudis cricketers. I think it’s actually eugenics and genetics that’s coming into play."

The press's reaction to this statement was unsurprisingly 'Err, what?!'.

But Saif Ali Khan insists he's right.

Writing a new open letter published today on DNAIndia, Saif's sketched a whole new world that has us wondering what's he's been reading.

This is the world according to Saif Ali Khan:

1) He thinks eugenics means 'well born'.

Last we checked eugenics referred to the study of/belief in the systematic suppression of a certain kind of people in favour of people who possess qualities considered desirable by the suppressor. Yeahhh. Kind of what happened in Germany in World War II.

But I guess Google, dictionaries, and a high school education doesn't exist in Saif's world.

In fact, in Saif's world, it's totally okay to classify people as well-born or not. Guess we know why he's into eugenics.

2) He believes filmstars are like race horses.

Um, not really.

3) He doesn't ever remember anyone calling out Trump for nepotism.

Oh Saif, poor you. Also read all of this stuff.

4) He thinks he has government systems all figured out.

He knows his cracies, people! And no, he insists he's not cracy.

So what's the best political system? Aristocracy + Meritocracy is where Saif's vote's at.

5) He thinks getting work because of his mother isn't nepotism.

We have a headache.

6) Genetic investments are a thing, people.

Gotta look into those.

7) At least he understands what stupidity is.

Read the full letter here.