Remember when we said we wanted to see Sajal Aly and Imran Abbas together onscreen?

Well it's happening! The two have joined Sarmad Khoosat's cast for his upcoming serial. Images got in touch with the actor for details on the project currently titled Noor-ul-Ain.

"It's a beautiful love story which unfolds in a very nice way; showing the transition between the characters and their relationships," explained Imran.

"I'm looking forward to it because I usually do one or two serials in a year and this is going to be my second this year - in a way it's my third [serial] but the second one was shot last year so technically this is still my second."

The other project Imran is referring to is Yaar-e-Bewafa, which will air before Noor-ul-Ain.

He told us that he carefully sifts through his projects before signing them as he only does two a year. "I had turned down many projects before coming across the script for this. I refused many TV dramas including Baaghi because I wanted to come in a project which would be highly anticipated by my fans and followers and not bore them."

Imran's reasoning for signing the project was simple: "I was very attracted to the script. The content for this serial is very good. I can't really reveal much at this point because there's not much I can say."

And he's most looking forward to working alongside Sajal. "I'm pairing with her for the first time. I think people will look forward to that because this is a fresh pairing."

"I'm already getting some feedback from my fans and followers and it's amazing. They hint the serial will already be a hit because people are really appreciating the pairing. Also, Sajal's a very talented actress and I'm very happy that her film Mom is doing so well in India and all over. She's a positive representation of Pakistan and I am so excited to work with her," he added.

This is not the first time the actor is working with the famed director.

"I had worked with [Sarmad] once in Manto as one of the characters in the series he produced. But this is the first time I'm working with him properly in a drama serial. His work is always brilliant so I'm very comfortable this serial will do well," he quipped.

"When I heard the idea of this serial, I understood that really good things are being planned by the production team. From the soundtrack to every little detail, its well planned and I can say this is the biggest serial in the upcoming season. I am looking forward to it. Fingers crossed. I hopefully won't disappoint my fans, friends, family, anyone who loves me!"

No release date has been confirmed for this serial as of yet.