Tributes flood social media on Edhi's first death anniversary

Published 08 Jul, 2017 10:39am

Images Staff

After a year to Edhi's death, people still say 'Main Edhi Hoon'

Its been a year to the death of Pakistani philanthropist Abdul Sattar Edhi.

The founder of Edhi Foundation passed away due to kidney failure. He was 88 at the time.

Abdul Sattar Edhi is known as Pakistan's most respected figure for his contributions to the society. He devoted his life to charity work and his Edhi Foundation runs the world's largest volunteer ambulance service. Even after his death, Edhi performed his last act of charity by donating his corneas, giving sight to two visually disabled people.

Pakistan mourned the loss of it's "Richest poor man" and now, on his first death anniversary, social media remembers and pays tribute to the philanthropist.