Zahid Ahmed shared a picture on Instagram hinting a new serial
Zahid Ahmed shared a picture on Instagram hinting a new serial

Armeena Khan is ready to challenge herself.

The actor, who will be seen next in feature film Yalghaar, is working on a upcoming TV serial titled Dal dal. Talking to Images, the actor revealed how the role if the "first of its kind" for her.

"Its a very desi role for me," says Armeena, adding, "I'm playing a typical androon shehr girl who has the mindset of a very desi girl and is quite well off."

About Dal dal, Armeena says, "This project is about illegal immigration from Pakistan to abroad. It will show the struggles of an illegal immigrant. The drama shows poverty and the difficulties of the struggle. My struggle in the drama is how the girl adjusts into a lesser privileged family. I am playing Zahid (Ahmed)'s love interest."

On set with the costars!
On set with the costars!

Actor Zahid Ahmed, who is a leading character in the serial, adds to Armeena's statement, revealing more about the plot and also his character.

Says Zahid, "My character comes from a lower middle class background. He's the type of person who thinks the solution to all his problems is moving out of Pakistan. He doesn't succeed in all the 'approved' methods so ends up illegally moving to UK. Armeena plays my love interest, she's my wife actually. Their separation is of course very relevant to the story."

According to Zahid, the drama aims to "capture [my] journey and hardships faced by an illegal immigrant. The character does come back and that completes the the story in a very pleasant manner."

Apart from Zahid Ahmed, the drama features Abid Ali, Asma Abbas and Munib Butt in the cast. "We have some new faces," adds Armeena.

Dal dal will be aired on Hum TV around the end of July.