Writers can save Pakhtun society from poverty and militancy, says Swabi's literary community

Writers can save Pakhtun society from poverty and militancy, says Swabi's literary community

The literary community had gathered to celebrate the launch of a poetry compilation
24 May, 2017

Speakers at a book launching ceremony here on Monday highlighted the critical role the writers and poets were to play in steering the militancy and poverty-hit Pakhtun society out of the turmoil.

The book titled ‘Da Qam Qalam’ is a compilation of the works of 100 poets of the district, some of whom are no more in this world. Qam Qalam, a literary body, organised the event, where noted poet Rahmat Shah Sail, was the chief guest.

The book also contains poetry of two women poets -- Ulfat Begum Dard of Charbagh village and Dr Yasmin Jasim of Maneri Bala.

The speakers said the Qam Qalam members selected famous numbers of the poets, and discussed them with the literary figures before compiling the book.

On the occasion, Mr Sail said Pakhtuns had been passing through a critical stage because they had been in the state of war for last 16 years, which had caused their economic backwardness. In this scenario role of writers and poets is important, he added.

Mr Sail said the compilation and publication of the book was an extraordinary contribution to literary field and the credit for it went to the members of Qam Qalam.

Dr Yasmin Jasim, a former lawmaker, asked the women not to give up fight for their rights in any circumstances. “The women poets through their poetry can infuse a strong willpower and a new vision among members of their gender,” she stressed.

Poet Jehanbadar said the poets’ farsightedness enabled people to foresee challenges and tackle them effectively.

Dr Mohammad Jasim, patron-in-chief of Qam Qalam, said the literary body had already published several books, and would continue the job.

Qam Qalam president Tassawar Manerwal said: “The book is a unique gift for Pakhtuns which became possible with the support literary figures


Desh bandhu Chopra May 24, 2017 08:36am
The role story writers and poets can play in transforming a society cannot be denied. But do we really have writers and poets of that calibre? Who can awaken and enthuse a whole generation of youngsters, men and women. I think along with writing, they must also start small teaching groups with the help of small NGOs. Teaching and motivating easily go together. Wish a brilliant future for Pakistani youngsters. Would like to offer my help if asked. I can teach English and give some lessons in writing.
Falcon1 May 24, 2017 10:33am
Writers are only as effective as the ability of the others to read their works,. It has to begin from elementary school teachers who can teach well and make the children literate enough to appreciate your literature. Otherwise all writing is as useless as a book sitting on a shelf, for years, unread.
Dr. Tankra May 24, 2017 12:29pm
@Desh bandhu Chopra - That's your greatness and sincerity. Salute !!!
Nofame May 24, 2017 01:11pm
Indeed writers and poets can play a prominent role in a society transformation - but i think when we discuss new age/generation social media must cross our minds in terms of "time allocation on the daily basis" and thats why i think its important to work on bringing the new generation back to the books reading habit!! If they are still far apart from books so how could we expect the writers changing the new age approach towards life or society? Im not against this initiative at all just want to highlight this side of the issue.