Farhan Saeed pairs up with Shreya Ghoshal for this Half Girlfriend song

Farhan Saeed pairs up with Shreya Ghoshal for this Half Girlfriend song

Titled 'Thori Der', the song is a Farhan Saeed original that he recreated for the Mohit Suri flick
Updated 26 Apr, 2017

Here's another feather in Farhan Saeed's cap.

His song 'Thori Der' was such a hit with Bollywood director Mohit Suri that he was asked to redo it for the upcoming film Half Girlfriend. Farhan Saeed was only too happy to oblige, turning the Punjabi track into a duet, for which he paired up with Shreya Ghoshal.

Don't the two sound great together?

According to Farhan, "'Thori Der' was released almost two years ago in Pakistan. Mohit loved it and asked me to recreate it for his movie Half Girlfriend. The original was in Punjabi, but we changed the lyrics to Urdu so a wider audience can understand it."

'Thori Der' is a conventional love song, with the video showing Shraddha Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor having a good time and falling for each other, Arjun more than Shraddha of course. The new version of the song has Shreya Ghoshal singing the first half of the song and it sounds beautiful.

About working with Shreya, Farhan says, "Shreya is an absolute bliss to work with. She puts her soul in every song she sings, it's great to pair up with her on one of my compositions."

It is a pleasant surprise to see such this Pak-India collaboration take place. Farhan is yet another artist who believes that art supersedes all other concerns.

"I think any form of art can blur boundaries, it's just that we have to keep it separate from all that goes down between governments. Art is the best form of people-to-people contact."


Thoroughthinker Apr 26, 2017 03:49pm
Shreya Ghoshal is a very good replacement of Lata. Good opportunity for Farhan to establish.
a Apr 26, 2017 04:34pm
good...people might recognize him that he has worked with shreya ghosal
Sheraz CHandio Apr 26, 2017 08:49pm
Farhan Saeed is already a brand name himself, his voice probably new to some people.
Fair opinions Apr 26, 2017 08:52pm
Farhan Saeed is lucky like other Pakistani artists getting fast integration at Bollywood,he will certainly learn from Sheryl Ghosal .
Fayzee Apr 27, 2017 04:26pm
It's not just between the governments. It is much much more than that. Didn't you see what happened at ZARA? It was more than between governments. Keep a low profile otherwise your song will also be banned.