A year after the Panama Leaks and five months after the Supreme Court hearing on the Panama case, the Supreme Court passed a judgement this afternoon stating that "a thorough investigation is required" into allegations of corruption by the Sharif family.

Taking this as a victory, the Sharif family is already [celebrating][2].

Because, well, Pakistan. Here's what Pakistanis had to say online:

1) Think the verdict is a joke? Haha. We have more where that came from

2) We are all Imran Khan/Gormint Aunty right now.

3) In the words of Sahir Lodhi, who gives you that right to differentiate? Who are you to decide? Are you some kind of demi-god?

4) When you're at a loss for words...

5) Post-verdict we got Salman Ahmad in the house...

6) ...and a gulab jaman in the mouth.

7) Guess it's good to be ready to celebrate... just in case:

8) Some are already thinking about our future generations