We give you the scoop on who showed up, who wore what and most importantly, who won what

Here's what went down at the Lux Style Awards 2017

We give you the scoop on who showed up, who wore what and most importantly, who won what
Updated 20 Apr, 2017

The 16th Lux Style Awards (LSAs) are finally all set to take place tonight at the Expo Centre in Karachi — with a promise of glitz, glam, the whole shebang.

The nominations may feel a bit dated and confusing but here's hoping the LSAs are able to redeem themselves with a star-studded red carpet and an event that pulls out all stops and is high on entertainment.

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We give you the lowdown in real time on who showed up, who wore what and most importantly, who won what.



And we're done! It didn't go as long as it did last time and we are so grateful for that because man we are beat! We're sure the party's just getting started for the stars but we are out!


Atif Aslam comes on the stage for a final performance, dedicated to the late Junaid Jamshed.

Atif ends the night with a heartfelt tribute to the late Junaid Jamshed. #LSA2017 #HappeningNow

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And finally we have best film. And the winner is Actor in Law! And also! It's Yasir the wardrobe designer accepting the award and now we definitely know its awkward!


Mahira Khan wins best actress for Ho mann Jahan. Surprise surprise?

We knew this was going to happen: Mahira Khan wins the best actress trophy. #LSA2017 #HappeningNow

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Fahad Mustafa takes the big one as best actor and... Wardrobe designer Yasir is back to accept the award. Hmmm...


Mahira Khan Bilal Lashari get on stage to announce best film directer and they're struggling with the envelope. Oops!

And Nabeel Qureshi wins best director for Actor in Law and he didn't show! Wardrobe designer Yasir accepts the award.


Unilever CEO Shazia gets on stage to give Unilever Chairman's Lifetime Achievement Award to Tina Sani ad the singer gets a standing ovation.


Sanam Saeed bags an award for best supporting actress (female) for Dobara phir Se.

Sanam accepts the award declaring her love for supporting roles. Contenders with Sanam were Hania Aamir for Janaan, Saboor Ali for Actor in Law Sonya Jehan for Ho Mann Jahaan and Tooba Siddiqui for Dobara Phir Se


And we're on film! Starting with best supporting actor (male)!

And Sheheryar Munawar takes it for Ho Mann Jahan!

Other nominees were Ali Kazmi for Dobara Phir Se, Ali Rehman Khan for Janaan, Manzar Sehbhai for Mah-e-Mir and the late Om Puri for Actor in Law.

Surprise surprise: Sheharyar Munawar wins best supporting actor for Ho Mann Jahan. #LSA2017 #HappeningNow

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Aima Baig wins best singer (female) and is joined by Atif now! Oh well, we don't mind!


Atif Aslam wins best singer (male) but can't accept the award since he's back changing!


Look who's here! It's the Sultan from Mera Sultan, actor Halit Ergenç coming to receive the first International icon award!


Mawra Hocane and Sheheryar Munawar are joking on stage... but we're not.


Another Lux girl is being introduced and its Maya Ali! She's performing with last year's host Ali Zafar and boy is it... intense.


And the best dressed female goes to Anam Malik who wore Fahad Hussayn! How's she looking folks?

Anam Malik is the best dressed female of the night rocking some Fahad Hussayn! #LSA2017 #HappeningNow

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Rehan Bashir takes best dressed male!

Rehan Bashir, reppin' the men who take fashion seriously, wins best dressed male. #LSA2017 #HappeningNow

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Ismail Farid wins for best menswear! And guess what? It's his fourth award!

Other contenders were Ahmed Bham, Nauman Arfeen, Amir Adnan andHassan Sheheryar Yasin.

Best menswear goes to Ismail Farid, making this his 4th! 👏🏼 #LSA2017 #HappeningNow

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Time for the awards for bridal and lawn! Any guesses?

Elan takes lawn! Other nominees were Faraz Manan, Sana Safinaz, Shehla Chatoor, Zara Shahjahan.

Faraz Manan has Bridal! He wins it amongst Ali Xeeshan, Elan, Mahgul, The House of Kamiar Rokni.


Shehla Chatoor is taking the award for luxury pret award!

Other candidates were Mahgul, Sana Safinaz, Sania Maskatiya and Shamaeel Ansari.


The Pret awards have commenced! Génération wins achievement in fashion design - pret, topping Coco by Zara Shahjahan, Khaadi, Sana Safinaz and Sapphire.

Khadija Rehman accepts the award.

Generation wins achievement in fashion design -pret. #LSA2017 #HappeningNow

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Jimmy Khan takes the stage for a performance on his track 'Barish'.

Jimmy Khan on stage singing one of our fave tunes from last year, Baarish! 😍 #LSA2017 #HappeningNow

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But wait! Zoe Viccaji joins him on stage to sing 'Ho jao azad' and the two perform while showcasing the designers of the top 10 designers!

And here's Zoe Viccaji singing Ho Jao Azaad. #LSA2017 #HappeningNow

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Imran Abbas presents a tribute for the stars who are no longer with us. It's an emotional bit this part.

Imran Abbas on stage presenting a tribute to the stars no longer with us. 😞 #LSA2017 #HappeningNow

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Tariq Amin is presented with a lifetime achievement award and he gets a well deserved standing ovation.


And Best female model is none other than Sadaf Kanwal! And can we say we are not getting over her lob? We just did!

The sassy Sadaf Kanwal has been announced as the best female model. #LSA2017 #HappeningNow

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Hasnain Lehri wins best male model and he gets emotional during the acceptance speech! We can't help but go daww!

Hasnain Lehri was running up against Jahan-e-Khalid, Aimal Khan, Shahzad Noor and Waleed Khalid.


With Nabila out of the game Saima Rashid Bargfred naps best makeup artist.

Other nominations were Natasha Khalid, Omayr Waqar, Shammal Qureshi, Shazia Rashid.


Nabila and Taou are totally twinning as they present best photographer to Shahbaz Shazi!

Shahbaz Shazi wins in a nomination list that also had Abdullah Haris, Ali Hasan, Guddu Shani and Nadir Feroz Khan & Maha Burney (at NFK Photography).


Sana Safinaz announces best emerging talent in fashion and its model Hina Shah.

Hina Shah wins among photographer Aashna Khan, model Giti Ara, model Imaan Madani and designer The Pink Tree Company.


So Atif Aslam is back with some impersonations and roasting his fellow musicians. Maybe its funny but we kinda don't get it.

Atif Aslam just casually roasting Ali Zafar like it's no biggie. 😍😂 #LSA2017 #HappeningNow

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So a presentaton forDobara Phir Se just wrapped up and now we have a special segment of Lux girls starting. Guess what? Former Lux girl Reema is joining new Lux girl, Mawra Hocane!


Dillagi wins best TV play! It beats Besharam Mann Mayal Mein Sitara and Udaari.

Nadeem Baig accepts the award but can't believe it. He thought Udaari was taking this one!


Guess what? Noman Ijaz is here at the LSA's for the first time! And he'd presenting Ehtishaamuddin the award for best director for Udaari.

Other candidates were Farooq Rind for Besharam, Haseeb Hasan for Mann Mayal, Kashif Nisar for Dampukth and Nadeem Baig for Dillagi


Maya Ali gets best TV actress for Mann Mayal. She just beat Mehwish Hayat for Dillagi, Saba Qamar for Besharam, Saba Qamar for Mein Sitara and Sajal Ali for Gul-e-Rana.


Ahsan Khan takes away best TV actor for Udaari and the crown goes wild!

"It was a lot of hard work, Udaari is a real game changer of the industry. We're all so fed up of typical saas bahu. I'm glad to have done an awareness project," says Ahsan Khan.


Qurat-ul-Ain Balouch nabs her second LSA for best OST for Mann Mayal!

Other contenders were 'Yeh Ishq' by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, 'Hatheli' by Nabeel Shaukat, 'Udaari' by Hadiqa Kiyani, and 'Sun Yara' by Damia Farooq.


Farhat Ishtiaq bags Best TV writer for Udaari. Momima Duraid receives her award.

While this was well deserved, we appreciate all the other nominations; Sameera Fazal for Man Mayal, Sarwat Nazeer for Besharam, Zafar Mairai for Dampukth and Faiza Iftikhar for Dillagi.


What the whaa! Mahira Khan just came on stage and now there's a rap batlle going on between her and OKB!


Look who got outta traffic! Maya Ali is here and she looks great in this Nomi Ansari dress!

Lady in red: Maya Ali wears Nomi Ansari on the red carpet. Thoughts? #LSA2017 #RedCarpetLowdown

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OKB is back on stage! The actor is totally in his element as he performs a skit poking fun at morning shows! Total throwback to his YouTube days!

Adore people who can laugh at themselves, like #OsmanKhalidButt! #Skit #LSA2017 #HappeningNow

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Mikaal Zulfikaar and Sanam Saeed take the stage and it's pretty much a special edition of Diyar e dil, not that we're complaining!


Bilal Ashraf gets on stage and things are getting a lil awkward.

Says Ashraf, "Armeena and I are in the film (Janaan) but according to the jury we're not." Ouch!


Uzair Jaswal is taking home album of the year for N'a Bhulana.

Other contenders were Book of Sibt by Sibti, Indus Raag 2 by Shareef Awan, Peheli by Mooro and You by The Sketches.


Qurat-ul-Ain Balouch wins song of the year with 'Saiyyan'. We do love that song!

Other nominations were 'Baarish' by Tonight Us and Jimmy Khan, 'Haiyyah' from The Book of Sibt by Sibti, 'Khak Nasheen' by Chand Tara Orchestra and 'Khaki Banda' by Umair Jaswal and Ahmed Jahanzeb.

And Saiyyan by Qurutuain Baloch wins song of the year! 👊🏼 #LSA2017 #HappeningNow

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Kamal Khan wins Best music video director for 'Ho jao azad' by Zoe Viccaji!

Shout out to all the other contenders! Abdullah Haris for 'Sag-e-Ali', Aisha Linea Akhtar & Shahbaz Shigri for 'Le chaloon', Kamal Khan for 'The Desert Journey' and Shahab Qamar for Hero.


Awards for music are up and Hamza Akram Qawwal wins the first LSA of the day for best emerging talent!

Other candidates were Basit Ali, Bilal Nasir Khan (Rudoh), Natasha Baig and Shehroz Hussain


Osman Khalid Butt joins Atif Aslam on stage. No, he isn't singing... yet? The two have a fun little opening monologue for us.

OKB has an interesting trivia for us about this years LSA, "Today's theme is 'renaissance', which is exactly the kind of pretentious theme HSY would choose. 'Thesaurus kholi, give me mota sa English word and audience impress hojaye gi'(He just opened up a thesaurus, found the biggest word there and the audience will be impressd)"


Ladies and gentlemen, here's our host for the evening, Atif Aslam!

He's just as surprised as any of us btw! Says Atif, "Was just as shocked as anyone else to know that I'll be the LSA host."

That voice though. 😍 #AtifAslam #LSA2017 #HappeningNow

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And Atif Aslam performs the National Anthem before the LSA's commence.

First highlight of the night: Atif Aslam singing the national anthem. 👏🏼 #LSA2017 #HappeningNow

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They're setting up the first performance and we're excited for it all to begin!

Time for action. 👊🏼🔥 #LSA2017 #HappeningNow

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Okay guys here we go! The show is starting with an important message on safety precautions... With Osman Khalid Butt and Faiza Saleem!


Rabia Butt and Farwa Kazmi sending us lots of love!

Rabia Butt and Farwa Kazmi are ready for the night to kick off! #RedCarpetLowdown #LSA2017

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So while we wait lets just adore these beautiful ladies, Saira Faisal and Ayesha Omar.

#SairaFaisal & AyeshaOmar are all smooches at #LuxStyleAwards happening now in Karachi 👌#LSA2017

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Still waiting guys... Snacks?


Show hasn't started yet, so we're just here with Maliha Aziz.

Maliha Aziz is our partner for tonight #LSA2017 #LetTheShowBegin

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And we're settling in now! Lets hope the show begin soon!


Zara Abid went green this year with Sana Safinaz. Kinda digging that clutch.

Zara Abid wears a bottle green Sana Safinaz gown at the red carpet tonight. Yay or nay? #LSA2017

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Look at Sanam Saeed being all effortlessly graceful!

Sanam Saeed is a vision in Elan! 👏🏼😍 #LSA2017 #BlackAndWhite #StyleSpotting

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Take a look at this trio! Its Ali Sethi, Zoe Viccaji and Imran Abbas. Don't they look great?

Ali Sethi, Zoe Viccaji and Imran Abbas spotted at the red carpet. #Stunners #LSA2017

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Zaheer Abbas, Momina Sibtain, Maheen Kardar Ali and Ali Sethi are definitely enjoying this little fashion booth!


Mikaal Zulfiqar is looking dapper in his white tux!


Tooba Siddiqui perfectly balances casual and elegant in this Tena Durrani ensemble!

Loving Tooba Siddiqui's effortlessly chic Tena Durrani ensemble! #LSA2017 #StyleSpotting

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Zahra Saifullah's got her black dress on for the night!

Monochrome with a splash of red, Zahra Saifullah always keeps it classy. #LSA2017 #RedCarpetStyle

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Aamina Sheikh goes for a minimum accessories look to go with her Saira Shakira dress.

#AaminaSheikh is glamming it up in her #SairaShakira dress tonight! #LSA2017 #HappeningNow

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Tapu Javeri decides its about time he gets photographed!


Designer Shamaeel Ansari walks the red carpet with style! Will she bag an award for her Luxury Pret?


Here comes the Jawani Phir Nahi Ani boys! Vasay Chaudhry and Ahmed Ali Butt show off their Humayun Alamgir suits on the red carpet!