09 Mar, 2017

Kangana Ranaut has never backed down from conflict and Karan Johar is learning it the hard way.

The director had criticised Kangana's candour on his show Koffee with Karan where the actor called out the host for being a "snooty flag-bearer of nepotism" who showed bias against her.

KJo was a good sport about Kangana's attitude on his show, but later on during his interview with Anupama Chopra he remarked that he was fed up of Kangana playing the "woman card" and the "victim card."

However, his snubs towards Kangana were met with a shrug from the Queen actor. According to Mumbai Mirror, she had the perfect response to his comments.

On Karan claiming he chooses not to work with Kangana because he's "not interested" in working with her, the actor replied: "To say that he chose not to give me work is to mock an artiste. As importantly, his memory appears to be poor because we worked together in a movie (Ungli), which was produced by him. And quickly realised our sensibilities did not match."

He had also said that he gave Kangana "the platform to speak" so as to "let the world see her opinion", but Kangana shrugged it off.

"I'm at a loss to understand how he gave me a platform by inviting me to be on his show. I've been on several platforms before with several global icons. To say he helped me voice my opinions is to discredit me as an artiste and a public personality."

She also pointed out, "I think, it should be added here that I was invited to be a part of the show in its fifth season. His team requested my team for months for my dates."

The question about Kangana playing the "woman card and "victim card" was completely lost to the Rangoon actor.

She asked: "Why is Karan Johar trying to shame a woman for being a woman? What is this about the 'woman card' and the 'victim card'?

"This kind of talk is demeaning to all women, particularly the vulnerable because they are the ones who really need to use them. The 'woman card' might not help you become a Wimbledon champ, or win you Olympic medals, or bag National awards. It might not even land you a job, but it can get a pregnant woman who feels her water is about to break a 'ladies' seat on a crowded bus. It can be used as a cry for help when you sense a threat. The same goes for the 'victim card', which women like my sister, Rangoli, who is a victim of an acid attack, can use while fighting for justice in court."

She also made it a point to mention that while she believes Karan practices nepotism it is not him who she has a problem with, but the patriarchal mindset in the industry, "What is important to understand is that we are not fighting people, we are fighting a mentality. I am not fighting Karan Johar, I am fighting male chauvinism."

Kangana called out the filmmaker for telling her to leave the industry, saying that undermines her struggle against the odds and winning despite the slim chances.

"The Indian film industry is not a small studio given to Karan by his father when he was in his early 20s. That is just a small molecule. The industry belongs to every Indian and is highly recommended for outsiders like me whose parents were too poor to give me formal training. I learnt on the job and got paid for it, using the money to educate myself in New York. He is nobody to tell me to leave it."

The multi-award-winning actress has definitely made her mark in Bollywood and received international acclaim for it.

"I'm definitely not going anywhere, Mr Johar," she concluded.


mullahDopiazza Mar 09, 2017 02:06pm
Karan Johar and male chauvinism? Am I missing something? I appreciate what Kangna has done but for this she needs to look some where else.
Abused Mar 09, 2017 02:56pm
@mullahDopiazza Said like a true chauvinist
Simba Mar 09, 2017 02:56pm
All this bickering and back biting gives a feeling that bollywood stars are really desperate for attention and are trying to exploit every platform to stay in front of the audience. Maybe they should focus better on their acting and direction skills rather than fooling around with chai-coffee shows. The audience is better advised to stay away from such nonsensical attention seekers and spend quality time with their family.
Einstein babar Mar 09, 2017 02:59pm
Why not present Bilqees Edhi as brilliant example for woman power
sanam Mar 09, 2017 03:29pm
both of you are stretching it. please end this nonsense now. i love you both!
riz Mar 09, 2017 03:38pm
I like this girl,, awesome reply to Kjo,,
riz Mar 09, 2017 03:39pm
@sanam I love this,, through this many hidden faces will be exposed,, if this makes you uncomfortable than MAY BE you are part of male chauvinism,,,
ramesh Nakhwa Mar 09, 2017 04:11pm
All the others producers and directors are listening to this public tamasha. Anothe r year and she will not have any work.
ramesh Nakhwa Mar 09, 2017 04:12pm
@riz she is using her mouth instead of something else.
Dipak singham Mar 09, 2017 05:34pm
In one world... Well said Kangana. I support you!
Ravi Mar 09, 2017 05:48pm
Good for her, she's just standing up for herself and she has every right. Talented, smart and beautiful. That is role model material.
tango Mar 09, 2017 06:02pm
full marks to her sensibilities and stoic response to self grandiose kjo. Hey , go take a jump ! stark truth "U" r not INDUSTRY..
Ashwin Mar 09, 2017 06:23pm
I watched that episode of KwK and enjoyed it very much. Kangana was too good. But potraying Karan as male chauvinist is incorrect. He could be called Elite chauvinst because he always gave chance to High class sons of Mumbai-Delhi. He and many trolled Kangana as she was a small town girl.
MANJEET Mar 10, 2017 08:49am
Am really surprised at the the exposure the Billy stars get in Pal.
kerala Mar 10, 2017 09:26am
Kangana is right. Bollywood is way beyond karan johar and his repetitive cosy club.
Vipjn Mar 10, 2017 07:34pm
Great job, I commend you to speak for yourself Great saying success is the best revenge. Loads of luck to you.
Gurpreet Singh Mar 11, 2017 02:17am
Kangana Ranaut has talent but she talks to much and a lot of times its just nonsense. She should let her work do the talking instead of picking up fights with almost everyone she works with.
Champ D Elyse Mar 11, 2017 02:29am
Majority are going to support Kangana in this case.
aimi Mar 11, 2017 04:46am