Published Feb 14, 2017 11:51am

Zoe Viccaji's 'Ishq Kinara' video is out and it's kinda cute!

Zoe Viccaji's latest music video for 'Ishq Kinara' is finally out!

The video is centred on a theatrical performance but also shows us what surrounds a performance, from audience reactions to backstage madness.

Zoe Viccaji stars as the lead actress in the play who takes it upon herself to have the show go on when her co-star (Kashif Hussain) is unavailable. Viccaji also plays a few other characters who are members in the audience, such as the fan-boy we saw in her teaser.

Viccaji and Hussain do well in balancing their main characters. From 'acting' onstage to enacting backstage shenanigans, both show us a glimpse of a performance where actors do their best to make the audience oblivious to the fact that there is trouble.

Kashif Hussain and Zoe Viccaji
Kashif Hussain and Zoe Viccaji

Directed by Meher Jaffri, the music video is light-hearted and fun, as long as it focuses on the performance and the drama taking part backstage. We cannot help but feel that the quips involving the audience members were a little distracting. It seems like Viccaji would have done well to save that idea for another video, because the idea of Zoe taking over her co-star's performance to save the show itself was fun to watch and more scenes of that would have been better.

That being said, Viccaji did hit the nail on the head when showing the types of audience members present during a performance. That annoying loud aunty bit was someone we've all encountered!

The song itself is pleasant and catchy. The video is bound to bring a smile on your face.