Friday afternoon Indian director Sanjay Leela Bhansali was attacked by an angry mob on the set of his film Padmavati.

Bhansali was on shoot in Jaipur's Jaigarh Fort when activists of Karni Sena, a Rajput community group, assaulted the director for "presenting wrong facts about (Indian princess) Padmavati" and tarnishing the history of their ancestors. Times of India reported, "one protester pulled Bhansali by the hair and slapped him."

The activists interrupted the shoot and vandalised the set till the police came and took control of the situation.

When news of the incident broke, the Bollywood fraternity couldn't help but tweet in disgust. Many are beyond shocked and horrified by the event.

Priyanka is visibly upset:

KJo can't come to terms with what happened:

Farhan Akhtar and Anurag Kashyap ask the Bolly fraternity to fight against this atrocity:

Arjun asks the government to intervene:

Sultan director Kabir Khan calls the attack 'shameful':

Parineeti vows to stand by the director:

Sophie Choudry can't believe filmmakers are being targeted:

The Indian director is extremely angered by the incident:

Rahul Dholakia points the harsh truth if immediate action is not taken against this:

Anupam Kher condemns the attack but also indirectly points fingers at Anurag Kashyap:

The actor calls the Karni Sena activists 'gundas' for their hooliganism: