Nandita Das' Manto film no longer to be shot in Lahore

Nandita Das' Manto film no longer to be shot in Lahore

"Considering the present situation between the two countries, we'll shoot portions somewhere in India," said Das
11 Oct, 2016

Ae Dil Hai Mushkil and Raees aren't the only films affected by recent Pak-India tensions.

Nandita Das has also had to adjust the shoot plans of her film on the writer Manto, parts of which she had earlier planned to shoot in Lahore.

Speaking to Mumbai Mirror, Nandita revealed, "We all know that Manto spent three-fourth of his life in India but had to leave Bombay, the city he loved, and spent only his last seven years in Lahore. So, to maintain authenticity, we did have plans to shoot in Lahore."

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However, owing to the difficulty she is likely to face in travelling to Pakistan, the actor/filmmaker has decided to re-locate the Lahore shoots to Delhi.

"Considering the present situation between the two countries, we will need to shoot those portions somewhere in India. We are looking at several options. I have recently returned from a recce in Delhi," she said.

About the film, Nandita has previously said, "It's not a cradle-to-grave biopic but a drama celebrating the life and work of a writer who was a natural rebel, a man who went against the tide without being a conscious activist."

"The film will cover a period of seven years between 1946 and 1952, which was an important phase in the history of the subcontinent," she added.

The film, which stars Nawazuddin Siddiqui as Manto, will go on floors in the third week of December and is likely to wrap up by the end of February.


Sam Oct 12, 2016 10:25am
We will miss you in Pakistan, who could be any prettier then Nandita love from Pakistan.
Asma Ali Oct 12, 2016 08:49pm
@Sam - I from Pakistan, Nandita.
Jangloo Oct 12, 2016 09:40pm
Nandita, Pakistan and specially Lahore is very different place from India. You will find Pakistan even more welcoming now than in the past. Please go ahead and you are very welcome. It is your home too.
Jalaluddin S. Hussain Oct 12, 2016 11:08pm
"... to maintain authenticity, we did have plans to shoot in Lahore." As a Pakistani-Canadian I feel bad that the Pakistan portion could not be shot now in Pakistan itself because of purely artificial tensions. I wish you all the best Nandita.
Akil Akhtar Oct 13, 2016 05:32am
No one will miss you in Pakistan
D.K. PAMNANI Oct 13, 2016 12:38pm
Nandita, No need to go to Pakistan. You can shoot in Delhi Walled City
Strange Oct 13, 2016 04:47pm
Manto was a great writer admired by people around the world. It is sad to note that the film is affected by needless tensions between both the nations. Hopefully people all over the world will be able to watch the film including people of both nations after its completion soon.
GA Oct 14, 2016 05:17am
The hurdles she faces will only be from the Indian side. Pakistanis have moved on from this animosity as is reflected in our politics which no longer stands on an anti-India platform during elections. Indian politicians and media are too obsessed with Pakistan but they don't admit it. I urge her to come to Lahore. She would be welcomed.
Proud Pakistani Oct 14, 2016 09:38am
Stay there. No need to come to Pakistan
raj Oct 14, 2016 03:42pm