Is Zindagi TV considering a ban on Pakistani dramas?

Is Zindagi TV considering a ban on Pakistani dramas?

Zee’s head honcho Subhash Chandra tweeted plans about removing all Pakistani content from Zindagi TV
25 Sep, 2016

First, there was talk of a ban of Bollywood films starring Pakistani stars. Now, Pakistani TV dramas are likely to get axed.

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In a couple of tweets yesterday, ZEE Chairman Dr Subhash Chandra hinted that Hindu-Urdu channel Zindagi TV is soon to have a revised programming schedule that is free of Pakistani content.

Dr Subhash said this is response to Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's stance at the United Nations:

In addition to hinting that Pakistani artists should leave, he announced his intention to shift programming to the stories of Indian Muslims, rather than rely on Pakistani dramas:

Zindagi is an Zee networks' Hindi-Urdu entertainment television channel that runs syndicated content from countries such as Pakistan, Egypt and Turkey. It is credited for broadening the fanbase of Pakistani dramas across the border with shows like Zindagi Gulzar Hai and Humsafar enjoying phenomenal success. Such is the popularity of Pakistani stars in India now that Zindagi TV recently hosted a Fawad Khan festival. It was also one of the sponsors of Zeal For Unity initiative that sought to foster friendly Pak-India relations through short films.