We love her in Bulbulay, but there's more funny woman Hina Dilpazir has to offer.

This Eid, the popular actor is stepping into direction with her first directorial, a telefilm titled Hina Dilpazir Ki Gudgudee.

"I've been wanting to direct for a long time, but was waiting for a good script. Alyna Farooq's written a great story, and i'm making my direction debut with it. I'd like to thank Seema Tahir from TVOne for the opportunity," said Hina to Images.

"This tele-film drama is not like other shows [focused on] goats, cows and camels on Eid," she adds of her drama.

"My show is based on social values; it's about people who are separated but come together and celebrate Eid. I think a good script comes first. I believe in quality of work before fame, and I’m sure people will like and appreciate it."

Good messages aside, we're sure the telefilm will tickle our funny bone too!

Hina Dilpazir Ki Gudgudee will air during primetime on the first day of Eid on TVOne.