Rahat Fateh Ali Khan reveals details of his music for Shaan's Arth 2

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan reveals details of his music for Shaan's Arth 2

By the looks of it, Shaan 'bhai' and the qawwal are inseparable
02 Aug, 2016

Ever since Pakistan's celebrated qawwal Rahat Fateh Ali Khan was roped in for Shaan Shahid's remake of Mahesh Bhatt-directorial Arth, many have been awaiting their joint offering on the big screen.

But what really piqued our interest was the Twitter exchange between the two stars. It started with Rahat showing his appreciation of working with the actor.

To which Shaan replied by calling the qawwal the 'pride of Pakistan'.

Following this Twitter love affair, Images caught up with Rahat on his collaboration with Shaan and spoke about his music in Arth 2.

"The song is [titled] 'Murshad Jee', it is a salam to Hazart Baba Ghareeb Nawaz, and it has beautiful lyrics; full of emotions & energy," revealed Rahat.

He revealed that the song is a duet, sung by him and Sahir Ali Bagga, who has also composed the track. Sahir sang two songs in the film; the duet with Rahat and Sanwar De Khudaya.

The qawwal had also featured in the music video of song Murshad Jee. He said, "I have featured in Murshad Gee along with Shaan bhai. The video is full of high energy and the shoot has a unique setup and idea. It's been done very differently."

Arth 2 aside, Rahat is busy working on a new album, and has a few songs in the pipeline for local and Bollywood projects. He's also gearing up for his UK tour starting August 12th.


Usama Aug 02, 2016 10:50pm
Eagerly waiting..
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Awesome Lyrics Aug 02, 2016 10:51pm
I thought Shaan does not like Bollywood then why should a patriotic like him follow bollywood.
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