Jamal Shah shares details of his movie Revenge of the Worthless

Jamal Shah shares details of his movie Revenge of the Worthless

Primarily shot in Swat, the actor revealed the difficulties faced during the shoot
16 Jul, 2016

LAHORE: Actor, film producer and director Jamal Shah shared with the media the details of his upcoming movie Revenge of Worthless during a press conference at the Royal Palm Golf and Country Club here on Friday.

The film, primarily in Urdu language, is based on Swat insurgency and ordeals and struggle of the people hit by terrorism. It is written, directed and produced by Shah. Actor Firdous Jamal also accompanied him in the press conference.

Mr Shah said he initially wanted to produce a documentary on the Swat situation as it was in 2009 but later he realised that a film should be made on it.

“It’s my first film and I have shot it on original locations”.

Mr Shah regretted that the corporate sector never sponsored the movies like Revenge of Worthless.

“For me, the film was a big challenge not only due to its content but the locations as they were difficult to access”.

Shah said the roles of some of the famous Taliban names who remained in the news such as Sufi Muhammad and Mullah Fazlullah had been performed by seasoned actors such as Firdous Jamal and Ayub Khoso.

He claimed the film was a balanced one, having versions of both the Taliban as well as the other side. He said the ISPR had provided him help with the logistics for which he had paid it.

The film is set to release on July 22.

Originally published in Dawn, July 16th, 2016


Raz.DK Jul 16, 2016 11:52am
Relevant original Pakistani substance and made in a Hollywood style -Yes that´s the way it should be! I hope, it is NOT 3 hours long and there are NO songs and ANY stupid irrelevant women body parts shaking or showing women as sex objects. "Waar" dealt with such subject in a most griping slick way. One of the best movies -even beats most Hollywood movies. But PK movie makers should be careful NOT to repeat the same subject again and again and that to in a similar manner.
Ahmar Qureshi Jul 16, 2016 12:33pm
My Support is with you Sir! looking forward to see it in Cinemas!