TV drama Mann Mayal has made it a habit to trend on social media. Last night was no different, with fans taking to twitter to express their shock and dismay at certain plot points.

The best part? The fans are more clued in than Mann Mayal's characters!

Here's a look at all the times Mann Mayal fans totally nailed it.

This guy knew Jameel would be Jeena's love interest well before that plot twist happened:

This person unpacks the show's questionable logic:

This guy who knows what's up:

This viewer pointed out that the show has a rather disturbing theme:

And so did this one:

There's also this WTH moment, by the way:

This guy psychoanalysed one half of the population:

This fan doesn't miss a single detail:

This fan breaks down Jeena's logic:

Mannu gets a mention too:

This person spots Jameel's special skillset:

This one is just too real:

As is this one:

And a final observation: