Remembering Amjad Sabri: 5 of the legendary qawwal's most memorable performances

Updated 22 Jun, 2016 07:29pm

Images Staff

Sabri, who made qawwali particularly popular among Pakistan's youth, lost his life today

Renowned qawwal singer Amjad Sabri passed away today, following a gun attack on his car in Liaquatabad, Karachi. He was 45.

Sabri hails from the musical gharana that gave Pakistan the Sabri Brothers, one of Pakistan's foremost Sufi qawwal groups, founded by his father, the late Haji Ghulam Farid Sabri, and his younger brother late Haji Maqbool Ahmed Sabri.

Sabri is credited with making the qawwali musical style accessible to Pakistan's youth. He was a sought-after performer for large-scale events in Pakistan, like the annual Lux Style Awards and cultural exchange programme, Shaan-e-Pakistan. He was due to appear on Coke Studio Season 9.

Here are five of his most memorable performances:

1) Bhar Do Joli

2) Mera Koi Naheen Hai Teray Siwa

3) Khwaja Ki Diwani

4) Ali Mera Dil Mere Jan Ali Mast Qalandar

5) Tajdar-e-Haram