The moon has been sighted in Saudi Arabia, and that means the Muslim world is set to begin its month of fasting and prayer.

Greetings from all over the world began pouring in.

Celebrities, you know, they're just like us. They have their hopes pinned for something special in the holy month.

Armeena wishes for ease in the long fasts ahead:

Bakhtawar Bhutto hopes that Twitter trolls get locked up with the devil:

Annie Khalid keeps it simple, wishing for a blessed Ramazan for everyone:

Reham Khan prays for a host of good memories, like those she has with her father:

Fahad Mustafa also looks forward to joy and peace:

The Bolly celebs chimed in with wishes for their Muslim fans and friends:

Big B gets points for effort - he shared his greetings with a fun prayer-themed collage:

Juhi Chawla also makes hers pretty with a picture, but we're unsure of its connection to Ramzan: