Here's why Ali Safina wants to withdraw his nomination from the Lux Style Awards

Here's why Ali Safina wants to withdraw his nomination from the Lux Style Awards

"While I appreciate the time you took out to shortlist my name, I’d like to say thank you but no thank you."
Updated 06 Jun, 2016

The Lux Style Awards are no stranger to controversy and this year is no different.

It seems like the organizers have erred with nominations and that's irked a few stars.

After Ahmad Ali Butt requested to withdraw his nomination from the Best Actor category and place it in the Best Supporting Actor category, RJ turned actor Ali Safina has also followed suit but for different reasons.

In a fiery Facebook post, Safina explains in detail how he denounces award culture; He also points out that even though he was grateful for being shortlisted for the Best Supporting Actor for his role in Jalaibee, his role was more of the main protagonist.

"My relationship with my art is a delicate one at the best of times and i feel that it is my duty to protect it from influences that may offend its fragile nature. And this I have learnt from the best of the best that have never needed ceremonies to celebrate their art or talent," writes the 32-year-old actor.

"So once again to the jury members at Lux, while I appreciate the time you took out to shortlist my name as one worthy of your recognition, I’d like to say thank you but no thank you."

More power to you, Ali! You do you.


Ehsan Jun 05, 2016 06:57pm
My God, what an attitude and that too after just one movie. This is what happens when people have this idea they are bigger than th institution.
sherie Jun 05, 2016 11:31pm
@Ehsan errmmm what institution? As for Mr Safina, another way would be to ignore instead of making people live or see life your way. Katherine Hepburn is one example, Amir Khan another. You want to do art. They want to award. Let them do their stuff, you can choose not to show up.
Amy Jun 06, 2016 04:00am
The real reason he is peeved off is because he did not get nominated in an appropriate category - he wanted to be nominated in a superior category - a leading one. in his opinion 'supporting actor' is far below his level of expertise.
Sara Jun 06, 2016 06:54am
His acting and features both are pathetic. He is never going to be famous like fawad or ali hamza and look at the attitude. So lol type person.
Lest I remind you Jun 06, 2016 02:33pm
1. If you don't want to be nominated, then just remove yourself from the nomination. Why make such a brouhaha about it? 2. Stop acting like an actor. You need more acting experience, and in the big time to behave like an Amir Khan (let's not even talk about even bigger greats whom you think you may be emulating). TV dramas don't count, the quality of acting there is abhorable. You have one mediocre made for TV film under your belt. 3. The rouse is skin deep. We all know you wanted to be better appreciated and in the right category. But you weren't and now the sulk comes out. Hard to imagine you reserving the same self-righteous shpiel if you were invited to dare I say it, the Oscars. So 3 words: knock it off.
ahmad Jun 07, 2016 08:54am
Why was he getting an award anyway?
zahra Jun 07, 2016 09:19pm
I have nothing but respect for this man. This letter is not just a self elating tactic. It sets to serve all you people a lesson. But clearly everyone in the industry is materialistic beyond comprehension. Lux style awards nominations, juries and winners are all mostly setups. The jury members are biased and lobbyists. There is everything scum going around attitude wise and talent is the last thing on anyone's minds. Thank you Ali Safina for staying true to the spirit of an artist and not selling your soul...yet