At the Urs celebration, folk poets intend on preserving its culture

At the Urs celebration, folk poets intend on preserving its culture

Sughars had a conference in Dadu to keep alive its art and history
28 May, 2016

Sughar preserve folk literature, culture and history and keep alive in the nation’s collective memory tales of heroic actions in the face of adversity through their simple and rustic poetry, says a prominent Sughar Luqman Khokhar at the Sughar’s conference.

The conference held at Shahbaz Auditorium was part of the 764th annual Urs celebrations of Hazrat Lal Shahbaz Qalandar that began on Thursday. A large number of Sughars from different parts of the province attended the gathering.

Mr Khokhar said that Sughars had a peculiar way and style which was popular in rural culture to discuss history at their Autaq. “But alas! We have forgotten to promote Sughar Kachahri,” he said.

Taj Mohammad Halepoto, another Sughar, said that Sughar Kachahri was a centuries old tradition that provided a forum to rur­al society to partake in healthy cultural activities.

Sughar Aijaz Rahmatullah said that the village elders used to support and help organise Sughar Kachahris to promote rich history and culture of Sindh.

Jamshoro deputy commissioner and chairman of mela committee, Munawwar Mahesar, said that Sughars preserved folk literature. “We all have to recognise their value and importance,” he said.

Mohammad Ayoob Jamali, director of culture department, said that every Sughar had a different way of narrating history in his peculiar dialect. The culture department was promoting Sughar conferences and Kachahries across the province, he said.

Sughars Mohammad Jhatyal, Manzoor Abbasi, Ahmad Khan Suhag and others also addressed the conference, which was followed by a musical programme.

On Friday, malakhro, traditional Sindhi wrestling, was held at Sehwan Stadium in which wrestlers from various parts of Sindh participated. Big crowds of people enjoyed watching bouts of malkahro.

Meanwhile, chairman of mela committee inaugurated a souvenir at Shahbaz auditorium, which contained historical background of Sehwan and Hazrat Lal Shahbaz Qalandar.

Originally published in Dawn, May 28th, 2016


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Lal Shahbaz Qalander is our very own Saint Valentine,