It's silly and stupid: Arjun Kapoor on Bollywood's body-shaming

It's silly and stupid: Arjun Kapoor on Bollywood's body-shaming

It's not just the leading ladies who are pushed to look skinny - just ask Arjun Kapoor
20 May, 2016

He tried to break gender barriers with Ki and Ka. Now, Arjun Kapoor is going after body shaming in Bollywood, reports Times of India.

He says it affects men in Bollywood as well:

"It's silly and stupid. Sometimes you push yourself so much to look good that you become unhealthy. The time has now gone of just being good-looking,'' he claims.

Recently, his Ishaqzaade co-star Parineeti Chopra also spoke up about her body image issues. But Chopra said that she's grateful for the pressure to be fit because it compelled her to finally shed the weight she wanted to lose.

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However, Arjun feels it's not possible for everyone to fit into a single mould of 'the ideal' body:

''I am a prime example. I am not saying I am not good-looking. For some people I may be appealing and that's amazing because I am not a conventional Hindi film hero material from any angle. Not everybody is going to look the same. Each person's body is unique. I have got big legs and I am very proud of it as men in India have skinny legs. Mine are proper legs of a man (laughs).''

He added that he'd only go thin if he had to do it for a role:

"Alag ko hamesha toka jaata hai. Of course it's good to be fit and healthy but the choice is yours as to how thin you want to look. It also depends on the role. When I was doing 2 States, I became thin to look convincing for that part. It's not easy for a guy who is broad like me to look thin. For that I had to stop eating literally. The audience's mindset has changed but there will always be haters." he said.


jssidhoo May 21, 2016 06:34am
Get real Arjun it is the QR for your profession , how many fat men / women have you seen as stars any where in the world .