Success is the best revenge, says Kangana Ranaut as she hits back at her critics

Success is the best revenge, says Kangana Ranaut as she hits back at her critics

In a long statement in reference to her very messy spat with Hrithik, Kangana tells it like it is
04 May, 2016

Kangana Ranaut has finally hit back at her critics, who have been having a field day with the accusations levelled against her by alleged former beau Hritik Roshan and an ex-flame.

In a nearly half-hour interview with Barkha Dutt on NDTV, she minced no words in explaining why she doesn't care about the criticism she has received of late.

1) On getting revenge

"I feel success is the best revenge. And I always feel women should answer back with their sarcasm or success. That really kills."

2) On self-pleasing versus people-pleasing

"I don't deliberately try to offend people, but I somehow ended up being this serial offender. have moments of doubt and despair when i look at myself and try and reconsider my ideologies and attitude, and seek the little social skill that I miss and keep offending people."

"To be honest, if there is something that i like, I'm not aware of it. I'm very happy with myself. there are two kinds of people, a people pleaser and self pleaser, and I definitely fall into the category of self pleasers. I care about my own priorities and my own life more than others' expectation of me is."

"Sometimes, i don't wait for people to give me my due. i get up and get it myself. that sometimes leads to fights and conflicts. I don't mind being a fighter. I get to live on my life in my terms."

3) On period shaming

"It doesn't upset me. It doesn't upset me when people call me names and talk about their period blood. But just don't call it gross, because there's nothing gross about period blood. It's my ability to reproduce. There's nothing gross about it, and even to introduce the idea of it being gross, it gives women a complex, the same women who will lead our country in the future. If there's nothing gross about men's bodily fluids, there's nothing mysterious or evil about a woman's bodily fluids either."

4) On being called crazy

"I'm an artist and have really closely researched people who deal with mental illness, and I don't find anything degrading about fighting with a mental illness like bipolar disorder or schizophrenia. Certain sections of media have been trying to suggest that you can humiliate a woman by saying she has a mental illness. It won't work. I've played a schizophrenic, I've played bipolar patient on screen, I don't see anything humiliating when they call me a psychopath."

5) On being called all kinds of names

"We as women have been defending ourselves for way too long. These are 1000-year old weapons used against women. If a woman is crazily successful, she becomes a psychopath. If she's sexually active, then she becomes a whore. So all of this is being used and it's really outdated."