Published Apr 26, 2016 12:29pm

Kabir Khan is in Karachi! Here's what he had to say

The Bajrangi Bhaijaan director flew down to attend a marketing conference in Karachi
The Bajrangi Bhaijaan director flew down to attend a marketing conference in Karachi

It was an occasion that called for fan mobbing, but Kabir Khan's no-fuss entry into the country meant only the celebs got the opportunity for selfies with the Bajrangi Bhaijaan director.

Actor Aijazz Aslam takes a selfie with Kabir, director Haseeb Hasan, veteran actors Zeba Bakhtiar and Javed Sheikh
Actor Aijazz Aslam takes a selfie with Kabir, director Haseeb Hasan, veteran actors Zeba Bakhtiar and Javed Sheikh

It was Kabir's first time in Karachi, a visit to speak at Marketing Association of Pakistan's annual marketing conference, MARCON.

"I've just landed, so I haven't been able to see the city," he told reporters at a private dinner hosted by MAP. "But it's lovely [to be here], I'm really happy that I am. I was in Lahore some months back, and that was my first time in Pakistan. Now, it's my first time in Karachi, and I'm really looking forward to it. Unfortunately, I'm here only for a day, but I hope to come back again."

He admits that the conference was just an excuse to visit Pakistan and that he hopes to create some long-lasting relationships:

"I haven't had a concrete conversation about making films together, but if we collaborate and do co-productions, it will have a great impact on politics. Our people-to-people contact will sideline the politics."

Kabir with members of Pakistan's film fraternity and MAP members
Kabir with members of Pakistan's film fraternity and MAP members

When asked to explain the seemingly contrasting agendas of his latest films, Bajrangi Bhaijaan and Phantom, he said:

"The purpose of Phantom was to show that there are some factions in both countries that will always try to prevent people to people contact. I strongly believe that whenever terrorists attacks occur, the media of both our countries create a ruckus, which colours the percepton of the people. But when a Chand Nawab and a Bajrangi meet, there will always be friendship."


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zakhta Apr 26, 2016 01:16pm

he came here to learn more ways how to mock Pakistan and its people and make fun of them in his movies.

fairy Apr 26, 2016 01:47pm

its really embarrassing how our CLEBs line up for a selfie.

ali Apr 26, 2016 01:56pm

All clebs see indian money in his eyes and therefore are all over him.. cheap act..

Aly Apr 26, 2016 02:39pm

Always good to have the courage to visit Pakistan and help in bridging the gap between the people. Salutes to his courage!! The intellectuals of both country should try to step up meetings which is the best way to harness tolerance and brotherhood.

Najam Apr 26, 2016 03:26pm

Double standards and hypocrisy..!! We ban his movies and then invite him in our country and line up for selfies. We keep doing this, and they will not miss any opportunity to mock us again. We are ourselves to blame, nobody else.

Saad Apr 26, 2016 04:13pm

Person who made a film like Phantom should not get much respect in Pakistan. Rightly said by people in the comments, all our celebrities see Indian fame and money and standing in line to take selfies with him. Such horrible and wannabe people we have in our film fraternity

Razi Apr 26, 2016 04:37pm

Good to see him in Pakistan.

Ind Apr 26, 2016 04:37pm

Please be careful Kabir Khan.. You are a brave man to go there.

Rahul Apr 26, 2016 05:20pm

@Najam Though his movie (Phantom) was banned, everybody watched it.

Satyam Apr 26, 2016 06:13pm

@Saad Phantom was banned in Pakistan then how all Pakistani know about the movie? Respect govt decision and even don't take the name of PHANTOM as well.

Dipak Singh Apr 26, 2016 06:22pm

@Rahul You nailed it. anyway Phantom was not against Pakistan or their people. It was against terrorism.

Abdulla Hussain Apr 26, 2016 06:25pm

Is he not the same guy who directed the filf with extreme anti Pakistan dialogue "Hum Ghus ker Mareinge"

Pakistani Apr 26, 2016 06:36pm

@Ind Your are right.

Khurram Khan Apr 26, 2016 06:36pm

@Rahul no one watched it. do u have any stats? we don't watch any anti pak movies.

Pakistani Apr 26, 2016 06:42pm

@Rahul Nothing better than a sweeping statement.

Abdul Apr 26, 2016 07:46pm

Kabhir have safe stay.

Parveen Sadiq Apr 26, 2016 10:01pm

Look at the bright side of his visit.Personal and business relations are improving.We in USA are friends.We all rejoice here any effort of this sort is great.

anon Apr 26, 2016 10:15pm

Pak could have shown him also like Yadav, while not letting anybody know about his visit and invitation to him. Why miss the chance.

P Apr 26, 2016 10:31pm

Kabir2khan came to pakistan to beg Pakistan to open his movie in cinema

khan Apr 26, 2016 10:50pm

This guy is here to clear the way for the smooth screening of his next movie instead of a ban !

Payal Queshi Apr 27, 2016 01:36am

@Pakistani being Pakistani seems to have your heart at right place....we understand of you and many Pakistanis who have their hearts at right place... acknowledging your country is moving into wrong direction into unsafe hands of terror ....better do some concrete now ...

Buzzkill Apr 27, 2016 03:23am

Its amusing to see that people who nobody in India would even give a second look, become VIP celebrities in Pakistan.

Masood Apr 27, 2016 07:41am

Come on ! he is your guest. Do you treat your guests in such a rude manner ?

Ahmad Apr 27, 2016 08:23am

i wonder what would have happened to him if he was a Pakistani who made film phantom and then visited mumbai!

Roy Apr 27, 2016 10:27am

Pakistanis are very generous people...they invited KK after what he did against Pakistan...there are no RSS type organizations in Pakistan otherwise by now his face would have been blackened!

Rommel Apr 27, 2016 12:28pm

Inteteresting to see Pakistani Film fraternity lining up to take selfie with director of Phantom and Kabul Express.

Soumil Apr 27, 2016 03:35pm

@zakhta No one wants to make fun of Pakistan. You are our people and we are yours. There will always be haters on both sides of the border. But know that there are people who want to co-exist too. Kabir Khan is a filmmaker of limited capability. He made Bajrangi Bhaijaan which was decent, Phantom was below par. But at the end of the day, he is a liberal. And liberals should be allowed to be nationalists too. I don't know if I am making sense. Just know that I and many other Indians DO NOT want to hate, or mock, or destroy Pakistan. We hope you flourish, and us too.

Parminder Sadeora Apr 27, 2016 04:59pm

@Saad He also made Bajrangi Bhaijaan. And writer of both the films was also same.

Mirza Apr 27, 2016 11:19pm

What a shame, suppose if any anti Indian movie was made by a Pakistani imagine what would be the indian response?, he might have been life banned to enter india but unfortunately in Pakistan its the opposite, our PM is an Indian agent himself forget about others.

Jawad Irshad Apr 28, 2016 01:59am

No one is born hating another person because of the color or his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.

sachin Apr 28, 2016 11:26am

@fairy I saw Mr. Ali Zafar some time ago at a hotel in Mumbai. He was mobbed by a crowd for selfies. No one said he is a Pakistani. Just heard that some Pakistani actress is joining for his next film Raees. She will also do well. Mr. Fawad Khan also is doing well. There will be Pathankot and there will be RAW and there will be movies and there will be travel of artists. Ghulam Ali is performing in Lucknow these days. We will need to live with dichotomy. Everything will happen parallely. Artists, Sportspersons, Authors, journalists will travel to each others nation. At the same time the lovely terrorists and inteliigence agencies will continue what they are meant to do. One cannot stop for the other.