With new mental health campaign, Deepika tells school children 'you are not alone'

With new mental health campaign, Deepika tells school children 'you are not alone'

Deepika Padukone is educating students and teachers about fighting depression in awareness campaign 'You Are Not Alone'
23 Mar, 2016

Deepika Padukone's mental health foundation Live Love Laugh is launching a year-long awareness campaign 'You Are Not Alone' today.

The campaign will be focused on school students and teachers, and will start from Deepika's own alma mater, Sophia's High School in Bangalore, reported Times of India. Deepika hopes that the awareness campaign will "bring the issue of mental health from the shadows, of being spoken of in hushed tones, to our drawing rooms."

"Last year, I spoke up about my own fight with depression as I felt I couldn't just watch as people went through what I had suffered and we decided to launch 'You Are Not Alone' with an idea to raise awareness and to enable students and teachers to identify signs of anxiety and depression," the 30-year-old actress said.

"We believe that schools can be the first line of defence for emotional and mental health disorders in our youth. We could also help connect the schools to counselling organisations and independent counsellors if they need such help," she added.

A few of the over 200 selected schools will be covered in March, while the campaign will begin in the remaining schools in June.


Sunil Mar 23, 2016 08:32pm
Deepika , light a lamp wherever you can.
skylark Mar 24, 2016 02:58am
From my childhood , I saw my father struggling taking decisions and mother clearly knew the mood swings; it was manic depressive psychosis . it was in Pakistan east and there was no medicine available , the doctors knew nothing about mental illness. when I became a doctor in india, I realized that Psychiiatry was taboo subject and teachers and MBBS curriculum hardly had "behavioral science" or clinical psychology. coming to USA THE MENTAL ILLNESS AND PSYCHIATRY BECAME RECOGNIZED. MBBS CURRICULUM IN INDIA AND PAKISTAN is outdated and inadequate but there is no body to REVISE MBBS into MD program as in USA. BRITISH left the MBBS course 150yrs old as they revised their MBCH into more significant changes ,, INDIA REMAINED IN THE PAST. SEVERAL FUTILE ATTEMPTS WITH INDIAN MEDICAL COUNCIL , I GAVE IT UP.
Irfan Mar 24, 2016 11:00am
Good going. This is something the schools in Pakistan also need to have. And I am writing this on a serious note. BUT we don't have any depika here.