Before JPNA 2, Humayun Saeed is making a movie in Romania

Before JPNA 2, Humayun Saeed is making a movie in Romania

JPNA director Nadeem Baig helms the project, while Pyare Afzal writer Khalil-ur-Rehman is penning the script
12 Mar, 2016

After the success of comedy blockbuster Jawani Phir Nahi Ani, Humayun Saeed is wasting no time in lining up his next box office hits.

While the JPNA sequel is on the cards, Saeed is first producing another film that centres around a conflict between two people in love.

Sounds pretty standard for a romance drama to us! But with JPNA director Nadeem Baig at the helm and Pyare Afzal writer Khalil-ur-Rehman penning the script, the film has two bankable artists to its benefit.

Add to this the star power of Humayun Saeed, who stars as the hero, and veteran actors like Samina Peerzada and Saba Hameed, and we've got ourselves a film to be excited about!

The search for a female lead is on, Nadeem Baig told Images.

The untitled film is being partly shot in Romania - and if Bachaana's success is anything to go by, we know that beautiful foreign locales are a great crowd-pleaser! The rest of the film will be shot in Punjab.

The director also added the film is scheduled for a release this year.


oregata Mar 12, 2016 01:34pm
Of all the countries in the world, he could only find Romania?
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Khan Mar 12, 2016 04:07pm
Mr saeed you are old and you do not look like a hero. Please give chance to new generation.
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happyPerson Mar 12, 2016 04:41pm
Can't wait for these upcoming movies.
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BNS Mar 12, 2016 06:58pm
Good luck, but it has to be commercially attractive and music should be good.
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davesmith Mar 12, 2016 09:41pm
@oregata Hey Romina is a beautiful country with splendid architecture, especially the capital bucharest. Your sterotype is that of the cold war. Visit countries like cezch republic, romina etc warsaw pack nations and you would Paris , Florence, Venice, Madrid what? There brilliant architecture in the former republic of sovient union.
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Omar Mar 12, 2016 10:49pm
@oregata It's what the budget allows.
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Madhusudan Mar 12, 2016 10:59pm
Humayoon please come to india and shoot here.
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Faiz Mar 13, 2016 02:13am
Btw.. Romania is a third world country.
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Hasan Mar 13, 2016 07:38am
Please Humayun, can you find a proper hero instead of yourself ? Let's face it, real good talent is out there and you're outdated and simply people want to see you as a leading actor, how about play a dad's role??
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Farhan Mar 13, 2016 10:11am
@Khan am totally agreed with you. We are not looking for a stereotyped acting.
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Aamer Mar 14, 2016 01:18pm
Cant wait to hear more about this film. I hope they take some one from Bollywood to play leading lady. I mean why not, If Mavara Hochen, Mahira Khan and Meera can star in Bollywood so why cant Priyanka Chopra, Kareena Kapoor and Karishma Kapoor star in Pakistani films?
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